Sunday, June 29, 2008

Dragging feet

Woke-up 530am.

I had oat meal with low-fat milk, one multi-vitamin gel and lotsa water.

Felt really tired and lethargic. Sore muscles. Thighs and glute were still on repairing mode. My back still hurts. I have every excuses in the book to reason for not joining the gang for the recovery run.

I switched on the tv and watched Annika Sorenstam playing her final US Open. They interviewed her and to one of the question she answered, "There are two sides of me. The cheery side is the one you see when im partying. However, it's the colder side which had kept me competitive and be a champion throughout the years." Mind you - she'd won 10 majors in her golf career. A champion she is.

I am one person who can get easily motivated listening to mantras and quotes from great individuals.

A few minutes later, i was already in the car heading towards Bukit Aman carpark.

I waited for the gang but only a few had turned up. Chief Kutu wanted to do 20km but i had to resigned doing 10km only as i think i havent recovered well yet but long enough to flush out the remnants of the toxic and excess lactic acid from my system.

I was dragging my feet all the way and my body was still in pain. I guessed my body was still tired and my muscles were adjusting to the condition. It's takes awhile for the body to get accustomed to the beating it's getting yesterday.

Anyway, I completed the run in 1hr and 23 mins and felt better later. Detoxification went well.

I didnt join the gang for breakfast and went back home to play badminton with ma familie.

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