Thursday, March 18, 2010

Budding star

eyes on the ball. back swing. step forward.


That's is a fine looking forehand.


It's been awhile... the blog has gone quiet... no news... no reports... no stories... it suffered some kind of a natural death.

In the past 6-months, work has taken over my life. I'm not giving any excuses.... but that's the reality.

I'm a wage earner. Working for people. Taking instructions from the top. Slaving for a big capitalist corporation with gigantic appetite for nothing except profit. Balancing work and life is a constant difficult act, more like fighting a loosing battle. When pressing deadlines looms, i dropped everything and pinned my butt, facing the emotionless IT monitor, forcing others to be become paid slaves too.

The long hours spent in the office has done nothing good to my mental and physical health. I have gained some kgs too. I have lost the vigour and motivation while never managed to stick to a solid training regime or a routine, something which i have no problem adhering to just awhile ago.

My normal 6-days-a-week-1-day-rest training schedule has dwindled invariably. Let's not go into intensity level, it fluctuates as wild as the Composite Index in recent times.

I blame it on myself... me and me...

i let 'it' take over my life... I have forgotten how i was 3 years ago... a man weighing 160kg with a 60 inches waist-line who can hardly breathe after a few flights of the staircase...

I got complacent while conveniently using the work pressure/work stress as the prime reason for slacking off.

(hitting my head on the wall.... very hard)....

I dont want live the life i had before...

I have to manage my work. I have to work around it. I have to deal with it.

All is not lost.

Despite the ups and downs , I ended 2009 season with some encouragement - hitting PB for Mizuno Wave run followed by another PB at the Powerman 2009 (albeit sprint event only). It baffled me, how the PBs were achieved despite the erratic or less training during th eperiod. The intensity and motivation, however, were not sustainable. It was easy to turn down training invitations when i used to breathe and eat with it not long ago. The adrenalin flow swells and contracts as quickly as Tiger Woods popularity.

Picking up where i left off, I started 2010 with a some encouragement too. While others were reaching their peak especially the Ironmans, traditionally, Jan-March are my low down period. Nonetheless, by completing NB30km (my longest ever run race) and Putrajaya Night Half Monty, i did something which I've never done in the past. Hence, there's still hope.

As usual, i would easily get pumped up after reading the many Ironmans race reports. Their stories and experiences inspired many others including me. These guys are warriors in their own way.

I have pondered and procrastinated over it for quite awhile and i think the time has come.

It's time to take action, change and take charge of my life.

I'm re-activating all systems.

I'm back.