Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Esok hari raya...!!!

Im still in the office.

Only handfull of staff filling up what seemed to be a void office.

Morning traffic was excellent. No jam. Less cars. Less mental strain.

Share market in plunging into the dungeon. Chaos spreading outside US shores oredi.

My mind is straying away. Obviously, in festivity mood oredi.

Planning to run early tomoro morning before mega carbo loading sessions throughout the day.

I'm not goin to abstain myself from the food tomoro. Whack them... it's a once in a year celebrations. Burn the calories later.

Have fun, celebrate and enjoy in a harmonious, peaceful and safe way.


Monday, September 29, 2008

Genting run 2 - 26/9/2008

As crazy as it may sound, I gave the Genting Run/Walk/Crawl/Bike 2008 another shot. This was the last Genting run for the year organised by the gang. The next time we'l meet again at this place will be next 12 months.

We congregate at McD Genting Sempah. Here, we were waiting for the rest to arrive as most of them we caught in the traffic jam with the 'balik kampung' crowd. Can you imagine when people were busy going back their kampungs and here, there's a bunch of mutants eagerly waiting to climb Genting and enjoying the ordeal too? There's maybe sumthing had gone wrong somewhere 'up' there.

Kam brought remnants from his bukak puasa do and i was the first to grab it. Haha, i've been staying away from murtabak far too long and tonite's was my revenge. sedapppppppp... carbo loading before the gruelling climb.

and onde-onde too...!!! Felt no guilt gobbling the whole lot. Many times better than any other energy gels or bars.

We started our pilgrimage slightly past 10pm and there were only 7 people walking up which later became 5. The rest of the gang were running..!! Gila dorang nih..

Tgh2 panjat, sempat cam whoring lagi. Pose macam2.

After the 6km mark, it was downhill going towards Goh Tong Jaya and i decided to leave the walking group. Ran all the way to Goh Tong Jaya. Running downhill uses less energy but will put tremendous pressure on your knee and ankle, especially if you're as big as me. Compared to the last two attempts, legs felt stronger this time, thus, taking the opportunity to see how long i can last the run.

After 1hr 31 mins (new personal best), i reached GTJ 10 mins ahead of he walking group. To our pleasant surprise, the genting management took notice of our event and ordered the Polis Bantuan to escort us right up to the top. Though i felt honoured by the assistance but can't help feeling awkward having these police car following our butt with their blinking lights. It attracted unnecessary attention from the public but cant complain much as they were they to perform a noble duty.

We took a break at one of the mamak at GTJ for refuelling. I didnt refuel much as i wanna see how far my fitness can last. after 20 mins or so, we continue our journey.

The next stage, wind chill added new dimension to the challenge. As much as we want to walk faster, the stonger and chilly wind slowed us down as the body was burning more energy and calorie epxenditure when into high gear to keep the us warm. We stopped many times as to ensure we stayed in one group, thus, avoiding any untowards incidents and to encourage the first timers to keep going grinding to the top. It is important pushing our limit and increase the body treshhold tolerance level but at the same time avoid injury at all cost. So, whenever one of us felt a pain or cramping signs, we decided to stop and gave the muscles some rest. We nursed each other and kept the motivation level high. We had our support car tailing us all the way up but except for one, the rest presevered and determined to conquer the top albeit, slowly.

In the end, we reached Genting highlands as a group and Bukhari (who'd never run/walk/crawl more than 10km) defeated himself to the top.

We were greeted by the faster guys when we reach First World Hotel and glad that the Genting Hotel had sponsored somw hot beverages and food at the summit. It was another satisfying moment. Personally, i managed to complete the journey much better than before as there were no sign of cramping or muscle twitching at all. One for the book it was.

This will be stamped in the memory book for a long time.

Total distance : 21 km

Total time walking : 3 hours 30mins.

Total calorie burned : 7652kcal

Many at times, people were saying that i'm being too the extreme in doing this sort of activity but if one wishes to rediscover him/herself, be closer to your thoughts and wanna listen to your body as it speaks, this is one challenge which you should try to complete. You'll be reborn as a new person after reaching the top. Believe me on this.

Genting, see you next year...!!!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Genting Walk 2 - 26/09/08

To those who'd some loose screw in their brain cells, you are invited to join us for the follwong event :

Genting Run/Walk/Crawl/Bike
Genting Sempah McD

See you there...!!!!

Thursday, September 25, 2008


Fasting month proved to be my honeymoon month.

The 3rd week of puasa went smooth with lotsa resting and minimal on training.

3rd week total mileage :

Run - 20km
Bike - 30km
Swim - 0
Tennis - 0
Badminton - 0
Golf - 0
Weights - 0

My body is having a well-deserved resting time. I am gonna enjoy the rest of the period for as long as possible and be prepared for a mega-buster training regime for the next three months starting from 1st raya.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

So you think you have lost some weight?

"Hey, look. My belt has loosened up."


"I've loss 2kg in the past two weeks."


"I've lost an inch off my waist."

It's too common to hear such comments during fasting month. People been coming to see me and pulling-up-and-down their pants just to show that they have lost some size.

However, let not fool ourselves.

First of all, the pants have loosened up because you were measuring it during the day when your tummy is almost empty. It is like a balloon. If it's full of air, it'll expand and when you let out the air, it'l shrink. The same goes to your stomach, if there's food, there'll be a slight bulge and when it's empty, it'l shrink. The best time to see whether you've lost some inches off your waist, try wearing the same pants just before you leave for terawikh. You'l be surprise that you havent lost anything yet.

Secondly, you will definitely loose some weight during the fasting month because your body needs energy to survive during the day and it will find its own way to ensure that you have it enough. Mind you, our body is in a 'starvation mode' during the day and when the body is in such a state, highly likely the source of energy will not come from fat. Fat will be the last source of energy when every other sources have been exhausted. The body is so intelligent that it will hang on to the fat for as long as possible before burning it as a source for energy. When the body is deprived from a constant supply of energy source, it will burn calorie in a more efficient way i.e. it will draw energy from easier sources and fat is not one of the easier source. Infact, it is much harder to burn fat when you are in the starvation mode. Furthermore, even if the body decides to burn fat, it will burn very minimal.

The bodyfat is likened to an emergency supply of energy where it will only be called upon to duty when any other energy supply source/system has failed or depleted.

So, from where does the body derive it's the energy from?

The body will get the energy from the easiest and fastest source. When the body lacks the supply of constant energy through food and liquid, it will draw the energy from the ready-made supply, the muscles. When this happens, we will loose muscle mass more and much faster than we loose fat, if we loose any. In fitness term, this is not good. It takes 3 pounds of fat to build 1 pound of muscle and the more bodyweight you loose, the more muscle you have to build to replace what you've lost.

Remember also that the body will also be deprive of water supply and in most cases mild or medium dehydration sets in. That's why you'll feel thristy in the afternoon or after 5pm because your body has dehydrated to some degree. You'll be loosing some more grams of your body weight just because you are dehydrated.

However, there are ways and means to avoid the above from happening but it requires super discipline and advanced knowledge on health nutrition and work-out programme to counter it. If you are a normal or slightly active person, highly likely you will never know the way to counter it.

So you think you have lost some weight???

Check again.

I stand corrected.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Genting walk 2008


It was the time of the year where some crazy heads made the annual pilgrimage to the casino city, Genting Highlands. Walk, run, crawl, bike, car etc. Name it...it's your choice.

I did the walk last year and stopped short at Goh Tong Jaya. I reached there in 2hrs 20mins. Even then, it was an enormous physical and mental test for someone who weighed at 146kg. I was really looking forward to this event, just to see how much have i improved in the last 12months.
This year, we gathered again at Genting Sempah McD and I was pleased to see some 30-odd crazy nutheads wanting to conquer the GH clim again. At least i know, there are more people out there who are as crazy or crazier than me (yeah, one of them ran down alone after reaching the top at a freaking, chilly 230am!!). If i put RM100 on the table, which one would you choose - sleep or climb up to Genting Highlands? I bet 99% would have chosen the the earlier option.

Anyway, i started walking at slightly after 10pm. I had Fadil, Shazly, Deh 'O', Azmil, Akil, Jamil, Jason, Jason's friend in my group. it was as dark as ever and it's better to stay in a group rather than being a lone hero.

Sempat ambik gambar lagi. You can see everyone was excited.

Half-way thru Goh Tong Jaya. Notice the darkness? You cant see anything except the signboard.

Last year, at this point - my legs were cramping and hurting. Spirits were rattled too.

This year, still feeling great. No sign of cramping yet. Walking like a raging bull.

Genting Highlands from KM5. Im not sure whether you can see anything from this pic. From here onwards it was going down hill before a gradual climb towards GTJ. Thus i slow jogged to keep warm as the nite was getting colder.

I reached Goh Tong Jaya in approx 1hr 40 mins. New personal best. Yeay....

We then waited for the rest to come before attempting the final climb. We skipped the mamak and decided to proceed without refuelling any heavy.

The real deal starts here. This is where the real pain begins. Steep, continuous and no more flat nor dowhill. This what ive been training for. This is kind of challenge which will send my heart rate sky high. This is the test of my personal physical and mental character. My adrenalin raced through my veins with each step i took towards the top.

At 17KM, we had to negotiate many unforgiven steep bends and long steep terrain. At this point, the benefits from all the long and hard fitness training sessions bloomed as i overtook one after another. I kept pushing and presevered eventhough the muscle twitching kicked-in once in awhile.

I took great care on the nutrition intake from liquid refuelling to complex sugar (i had kismis and dates in my pouch..!!) to energy gel. Plus, I was carefully pacing myself as not to push too early and risk bonking later.

Triathlons have taught me to break-up a long journey into smaller parts and tackle it one by one. I think it's easier to keep your focus that way with each milestone has its own requirement and we must manage it according to plan. I suppose to have a right strategy plan that fits into your fitness and ability is crucial in completing any endurance sports.

At KM20 i.e. inside 1KM to the top, i had quite painful muscle twitch but i deep inside i knew i still had a lot of gas in the tank to complete the climb. The last KM was the steepest of all and every small step that i made will carry me closer to the finishing line. At that point of time, i had nothing in my mind except gunning for the peak.

The great Muhammad Ali once said,

"It isn't the mountains ahead to climb that wear you out; it's the pebble in your shoe."

True enough.

It was every ounce of energy manufactured by the millions mitochondria cells and the fire in my heart that will take me to reach my goals instead of size of the challenge. Not guts, no glory. I kept drumming my head with many great quotes and at times i uttered it quietly to myself - just to keep my mind away from any pain and focus on finishing the task at hand.

After 3hrs and 40mins, i reached the finishing line and regrouped at Starbucks Genting Highlands at around 230am. The most satisfying moment was when you realised that you had set a goal, planned your strategy, worked the plan and struck the goal.

Yummy. frappucino and mocha latte as rewards.

The crazy bunch who made it to the top.

Total journey time : 4hrs 02mins

Total walking time : 3 hrs 40mins

Total calorie burned : 7863kcal

Total distance : 21km

Total pride : Priceless

Monday, September 15, 2008

Top of the world

Whatta feeling.

Completed the Genting adventure in one piece.

Great company. Marvellous support car crew.

Unbelievable. Remarkable. Pure adrenalin.

Report will come later.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Holy cow...

Status update....

Jun 2007
Weight : 158.7kg/350 pounds
Fat Mass : 88.71kg/195 pounds
Free Fat Mass : 70.0kg/154 pounds

Sept 2008
Weight : 112.4kg/247 pounds
Fat Mass : 37.0kg/ 81 pounds
Free Fat Mass : 75.4kg/ 166 pounds

Total weight loss : 46.3kg / 102 pounds
Total Fat Loss : 51.7kg / 114 pounds
Total Muscle Gained: 5.4kg / 12 pounds

Still have more work to do...

One full circle

It was around this time of last year's Ramadhan which i had broken my 1st mental barrier.

Read here and here and here

I ended the walk, half-way. half-dead. wobbly legs. battered.

One year later, im doing it for a 2nd time. slimmer. fitter. stronger.

I hope i can do it all the way to the top (depending on the crowd).

If you are interested, come and join us. please meet at Genting Sempah McD, tonite, 12/9/08, 930pm.

If i am do it, so will you....

Thursday, September 11, 2008


When it went up, others went up almost immediately.... even parking charges..(What does it got to do with oil prices!?)

Now that it has gone down, has anything gone down as well?

Are you still paying your roti canai at the price when oil was at RM2.70?....

Say something....

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I'm bacckkk...

I'm blogging!

I'm training!

During fasting month, it's kinda difficult to stick to my normal training regime due low nutrition intake during the day and a sudden rush of nutrition after iftar.

Without pushing too hard risking malnutrition, i will also try not to go too easy risking loosing my fitness.

I will definitely loose some some weight during this fasting month but unfortunately it will be mainly due to muscle weight loss rather fat loss. I dunno how to counter this but i will try to minimise the impact come end of the month.

In the mean time, i will continue doing light training to ensure that my muscles be reminded that there's still some work to do.

In summary :

I did a night 6km run last friday. My 1st for quite sometime now. I'm running again!

I did a quick night ride last saturday around Putrajaya approx 30-40km . I'm cycling again!

I did a night 6km run last sunday. I'm running again!

I did a night 6km run last Monday. yeahhh, i'm running again!

I feel good.

i feel refreshed

.....and i feel motivated.

"It doesnt matter how hard you get hit. It's a matter of taking the hit, getting up and moving forward." - Rocky Balboa

I'm backkkk....


I'm have been laying down quite low these past few weeks.

I was going through a phase.

A phase which surrounds overtraining, depression and frustration.

I guess every athlete (though im not in the athlete category yet) who'd been continuously on a training regime somehow, earlier or later, will go through this phase.

The phase is called overtraining syndrome or OTS. There is a distinct correlation between OTS and depression.

"Generally, OTS is a condition when a highly motivated athletes, consumed with the will to perform well and win, become frustrated by poor performance that may be caused by inadequate recovery during over-reaching and overtraining. Part of this disappointment stems from the athletes’ realisation that they are not living up to pre-established aspirations or goals, despite having invested much in their training programme. Frustration then leads to increased practice time each day and increased training intensity, which results in less regeneration, increased fatigue and worsening of performance. This progressive cycle of decline also results in deterioration of an athlete’s mental well-being. Depression then may manifest itself as altered mood states, sleep disturbances and a loss of zeal for training and competition." (taken from the internet)

As i analysed my situation, the OTS started when i'd decided to skip Desaru tri. After long and hard training sefforts, i had to aborted Desaru due to a valid reason. Suddenly, my body went into a depression state. I tried doing more training but motivation was sliding down into the ravine.

Then, frustation kicked in. Not only it suppressed my desire for training but also it's affecting people surrounding me. I started ignoring my training buddies, refusing makan outings with them, refusing training invitations and I even stopped reading and writing emails to them and blogging too! Instead, i went out on my own, spent more time with family, did some shopping, meeting friends other than training buddies etc. I did all of other things except training.

However, during this phase, it gave me time. a chance to think. to reflect. to appreciate. to set news targets and achieve new goals.

Now, three weeks later - i feel fresh.

My mind is clear.

I'm ready to go again.