Monday, September 29, 2008

Genting run 2 - 26/9/2008

As crazy as it may sound, I gave the Genting Run/Walk/Crawl/Bike 2008 another shot. This was the last Genting run for the year organised by the gang. The next time we'l meet again at this place will be next 12 months.

We congregate at McD Genting Sempah. Here, we were waiting for the rest to arrive as most of them we caught in the traffic jam with the 'balik kampung' crowd. Can you imagine when people were busy going back their kampungs and here, there's a bunch of mutants eagerly waiting to climb Genting and enjoying the ordeal too? There's maybe sumthing had gone wrong somewhere 'up' there.

Kam brought remnants from his bukak puasa do and i was the first to grab it. Haha, i've been staying away from murtabak far too long and tonite's was my revenge. sedapppppppp... carbo loading before the gruelling climb.

and onde-onde too...!!! Felt no guilt gobbling the whole lot. Many times better than any other energy gels or bars.

We started our pilgrimage slightly past 10pm and there were only 7 people walking up which later became 5. The rest of the gang were running..!! Gila dorang nih..

Tgh2 panjat, sempat cam whoring lagi. Pose macam2.

After the 6km mark, it was downhill going towards Goh Tong Jaya and i decided to leave the walking group. Ran all the way to Goh Tong Jaya. Running downhill uses less energy but will put tremendous pressure on your knee and ankle, especially if you're as big as me. Compared to the last two attempts, legs felt stronger this time, thus, taking the opportunity to see how long i can last the run.

After 1hr 31 mins (new personal best), i reached GTJ 10 mins ahead of he walking group. To our pleasant surprise, the genting management took notice of our event and ordered the Polis Bantuan to escort us right up to the top. Though i felt honoured by the assistance but can't help feeling awkward having these police car following our butt with their blinking lights. It attracted unnecessary attention from the public but cant complain much as they were they to perform a noble duty.

We took a break at one of the mamak at GTJ for refuelling. I didnt refuel much as i wanna see how far my fitness can last. after 20 mins or so, we continue our journey.

The next stage, wind chill added new dimension to the challenge. As much as we want to walk faster, the stonger and chilly wind slowed us down as the body was burning more energy and calorie epxenditure when into high gear to keep the us warm. We stopped many times as to ensure we stayed in one group, thus, avoiding any untowards incidents and to encourage the first timers to keep going grinding to the top. It is important pushing our limit and increase the body treshhold tolerance level but at the same time avoid injury at all cost. So, whenever one of us felt a pain or cramping signs, we decided to stop and gave the muscles some rest. We nursed each other and kept the motivation level high. We had our support car tailing us all the way up but except for one, the rest presevered and determined to conquer the top albeit, slowly.

In the end, we reached Genting highlands as a group and Bukhari (who'd never run/walk/crawl more than 10km) defeated himself to the top.

We were greeted by the faster guys when we reach First World Hotel and glad that the Genting Hotel had sponsored somw hot beverages and food at the summit. It was another satisfying moment. Personally, i managed to complete the journey much better than before as there were no sign of cramping or muscle twitching at all. One for the book it was.

This will be stamped in the memory book for a long time.

Total distance : 21 km

Total time walking : 3 hours 30mins.

Total calorie burned : 7652kcal

Many at times, people were saying that i'm being too the extreme in doing this sort of activity but if one wishes to rediscover him/herself, be closer to your thoughts and wanna listen to your body as it speaks, this is one challenge which you should try to complete. You'll be reborn as a new person after reaching the top. Believe me on this.

Genting, see you next year...!!!

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