Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I'm bacckkk...

I'm blogging!

I'm training!

During fasting month, it's kinda difficult to stick to my normal training regime due low nutrition intake during the day and a sudden rush of nutrition after iftar.

Without pushing too hard risking malnutrition, i will also try not to go too easy risking loosing my fitness.

I will definitely loose some some weight during this fasting month but unfortunately it will be mainly due to muscle weight loss rather fat loss. I dunno how to counter this but i will try to minimise the impact come end of the month.

In the mean time, i will continue doing light training to ensure that my muscles be reminded that there's still some work to do.

In summary :

I did a night 6km run last friday. My 1st for quite sometime now. I'm running again!

I did a quick night ride last saturday around Putrajaya approx 30-40km . I'm cycling again!

I did a night 6km run last sunday. I'm running again!

I did a night 6km run last Monday. yeahhh, i'm running again!

I feel good.

i feel refreshed

.....and i feel motivated.

"It doesnt matter how hard you get hit. It's a matter of taking the hit, getting up and moving forward." - Rocky Balboa

I'm backkkk....


bola2api said...

alamak dude.. u train more than me.. aku dah jadi malas.. hahaha.. tulun tulun...

Upiq said...


Are you comparing your training regime with me...?

please larrr...

compare yourself with some other worthy athletes...

im just training to stay healthy and shed some pounds.. nothing more, nothing less...