Sunday, June 29, 2008

Dragging feet

Woke-up 530am.

I had oat meal with low-fat milk, one multi-vitamin gel and lotsa water.

Felt really tired and lethargic. Sore muscles. Thighs and glute were still on repairing mode. My back still hurts. I have every excuses in the book to reason for not joining the gang for the recovery run.

I switched on the tv and watched Annika Sorenstam playing her final US Open. They interviewed her and to one of the question she answered, "There are two sides of me. The cheery side is the one you see when im partying. However, it's the colder side which had kept me competitive and be a champion throughout the years." Mind you - she'd won 10 majors in her golf career. A champion she is.

I am one person who can get easily motivated listening to mantras and quotes from great individuals.

A few minutes later, i was already in the car heading towards Bukit Aman carpark.

I waited for the gang but only a few had turned up. Chief Kutu wanted to do 20km but i had to resigned doing 10km only as i think i havent recovered well yet but long enough to flush out the remnants of the toxic and excess lactic acid from my system.

I was dragging my feet all the way and my body was still in pain. I guessed my body was still tired and my muscles were adjusting to the condition. It's takes awhile for the body to get accustomed to the beating it's getting yesterday.

Anyway, I completed the run in 1hr and 23 mins and felt better later. Detoxification went well.

I didnt join the gang for breakfast and went back home to play badminton with ma familie.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

BT18-Kelawang and back

Kelawang?? Yeah baby....

I was warned to be afraid of her. Reminded to bring enough supplies and plenty of energy snacks. I was told to pace myself rather than syiok sendiri chasing the crazies. I know I wasnt ready for her and tried not to think about her much.

I bought spare tires preparing for the worst and 2 Mars bars for energy. brought a packet of ORS too, just in case. However, i'd forgotten to bring the Powerbar and gel for the trip. I know im in for trouble today.

We rolled out before 8am and there were at least 20 riders today. At the bridge, we saw a pack of national cyclist zoomed past us.

1st stop - Genting Peres. We got there after a 1.5hrs of constant grinding. The 1st time i climbed her, i stopped twice. The 2nd attempt, i stopped once. This time, 9/10 into the climb - i was still on the saddle and i thot.. hmm... im gonna nail her today. Never think you're there until you're really there. As soon as i thot im gonna make it, disaster happened. BAMMM...!!! I'd kissed IM saiful rear tyre and kissed the tarmac two seconds later. Darnnnn... and i was like 400meter nearing the top of Peres. We had to adjust the handlebar and the seating post which had got twisted in the accident. At the top of Peres, we'd regrouped, chit chat a bit, rest, walloped a Mars bar and made further adjustments to my bike.

From Peres peak, we headed towards Kuala Kelawang town. The downhill was a bliss and the rolling hills were painful. Lotsa winding roads until we reached the bottom of the hill and regrouped at the bridge. From thereon, except for a couple of gradual climbs, the rest of the journey was flat. I wished it had been like this earlier. We reached Kuala Kelawang town around 11am after 2.5hrs of cycling. I felt some aching on the lower side of my back eversince the adjustments being made to my bike. I was really worried about the return trip. At the halfway point, i refuelled. Massive refuelling. 1 full plate of fried rice with egg and chicken, 2 cans of Coke, 1 can of 100 plus, 1 Mars bar and a mineral water. The empty stomach was growling and the fried rice suddenly taste like chicken beryiani. I did further adjustment to my bike hoping that the problem will go away, thus, permitting an uneventful return journey.

We left the makan place 40 mins later and started the long return trip. My hope were dashed 5km outside Kuala Kelawang when my back ache returned. It was really painful, this time. I was even thinking of maybe ditching the ride after all. However, i had no choice but to continue coz it would be troublesome for my friends to rescue me when we were that far from our car parking place. We regrouped at the bottom of a soon-to-be nasty climb. very very nasty. kalau tak caya, korang try larrrr...

I was told it would be a 14km climb up to the top of Peres again. S#&*@!!! I cursed quietly.

Anyway, i dunno what's her name. I dunno where am i but betcha she has everything what a nasty climb should be.

Pain, agony, muscle cramps, heat, trembling legs, squiggy legs, aching shoulders, glute twitching, chaffing, buckets of sweat, swearing to the passing vehicles, negative thoughts etc. I felt every grain of the fried rice was being squeezed and mashed in my tummy to provide the precious energy i needed to survive the ordeal. It was definitely my most gruelling experience. I had lost count on how many stops i had and i wouldnt survive the challenge if not for IM Azmar who'd patiently and generously nursing me right up to the top of Peres. IM Azmar - special thanks to you, bro.

I downed the ORS but i wondered whether it had any effect on me but the cooling down session we had at one of the air terjun somewhere along the climb was a heaven in hell. Anyway, less than a km to the top - both my thighs got cramped. another darn. I touched them and i felt as if i had two red clay bricks hardening giving me a sense of quitting. I had to stand still and couldnt move an inch. IM Azmar said to let it be and be patient as the muscle will soon softened after a while. It took about 5 minutes before i can barely walking again. I pushed the bike for a bit and after a few hundred meters, the pain subsided. I hopped onto the saddle and grinded for the final push to the top. We were greeted with many happy cheers and hi-fives at the top of Peres as the front pack had waited patiently for our arrival. YESSS..!!! I pumped my fist quietly. I had a tired big wide smile on my face as i knew the sufferings were over.

After a short break, we regrouped and ride down the Simpang Tiga and straight to BT18 again. We reached the carpark at about 230pm.

It was definitely the most challenging ride i ever had and i was tested beyond my limits - physically and mentally. My trainer said "you need to have an able body and able mind to complete the route." I dont think i have either but at least - now i know, i had the heart for it.

Total distance : 107km
Total ride time : 5 hrs 36mins
Total hours spent : 7 hours
Total calories burnt : 11,134 kcal (that's worth more than 3 pounds of weight loss or 4.5 days of normal guy full meal)

that's another 100 in the bag. It's 3 centuries now and counting.

Friday, June 20, 2008


Today is last day in the company.

I've done most of my blog update from the office and from tomorrow onwards i will miss this privillege.

I dont have streamyx or any kind of internet connection at home. Thus, i will not be blogging for sometime until i have proper internet access.

I dont know what's my new company internet policy like but i hope they allow employees to get connected to the net.

Until then.... c ya...!!!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Kiss my bottom.. Youuuuuuuu....!!

Today, i got a rude shock phone call from wifey at 7:15am.

Wifey : Yang, kete i kena langgar larr. I kat simpang.
Me : Ok. I datang skrg jugak.

Luckily, i was still at home.

I got to the simpang 10 mins later and wifey had pulled over to the trafficless adjacent road. Apparently, a blardy stupid white coloured Toyota Wish banged my wifey's car arse. The stinky thing was the arsehole Toyota Wish hit wifey's car when the traffic light was red and she rammed at a high speed. Mabuk ke hape...?

I was told that the lady who drove the blardy stupid white couloured Toyota Wish came out and talked like someone who's still in hangover. Rupa2 nyer memang mabuk pon. Cisss..

She begged my wife not to report to the police that she's drunk or else she'll be taken to jail. Yeah right, as if i'm in a compromising mood. Kalau ko kena masuk jail pon, pedulik hape aku..?

Anyway, the blardy stupid arsehole Toyota Wish kissed wifey's car and wife's car kissed another car infront, a Citra. Wifey's car was sandwiched between two SUVs. Kesian MyVi tuh. Threesome styled, if you like.

Kiss your arse.

The blardy stupid arsehole. The culprit. Ada hati nak ajar bini wa camne nak report kat polis.

Her bottom got kissed too. Banged, actually.

This was how her bottom looked like at the workshop. Sexy no more. Stripped butt naked.

I settled everything about 2pm - police report, collect car registration certificate, file insurance claim and visit the workshop. Hassle. Hassle. Hassle. Took EL today.

What's making me mad was wifey is a preggie. 8 weeks now. She felt a persistent pain in the stomach and doesnt looked she in comfort throughout the ordeal. I took her to the clinic to ensure everything is fine.

God is gracious. Dr diagnosed and did an ultrasound scan. Everything is ok. Foetus is in good condition. Alhamdullilah.

The gift of the day was....I saw the heart beat. Twinkling slowly yet consistent. If you can see on the left side of the scan image above, the foetus is laying inside the slightly out of shape oval like envelope. I was smiling and felt a sense of relief and a pint of happiness.

What a way to end if not a quite miserable day.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Genting Peres - Father's Day

I felt a lil' bit lethargic waking-up in the morning as i havent recovered well from yesterday's workout. Sleeping way past midnite didnt help much too (refer previous posting.)

Anyway, i went to pick OP Jim (the fabulous photos are taken by him..!!) and went straight to Bt 18 where a host of riders were prepping up their machines at the parking lot going towards Sg Congkak. I was surprised to see so many and most of them are seasoned riders. There were a few IMs, IM trainees, tourers, otai and newbies. I had lost count on how many of them but there easily more than 15 of them.

The menu was Bt 18-Genting Peres-BT 18. Approx. 40km.

I have never done Peres, so the thought of it makes me a bit nervous. The not so fresh body was also running through my mind whether i will be able to survive the climb. However, seeing the many riders lifted my spirit a bit. Layan jelahhh... me telling the subconcious side.

Anyway, we got to the Simpang Tiga in a bout less than 30 minutes cruising at 28km/h most of the time except the final short steep climb. We regrouped, had a quick drink and marched on to Peres.

I think Peres can be divided into three (3) slightly steep with gradual climb in between each of them. The route is very very scenic and passing through a few native kampungs makes you feel that you're very close to nature. Anyway, i have always struggled on any hill climb and it's an area i need to address. With my massive body weight, my heart will be working at least three times harder than a normal sized person. However, it will be a blardy good cardio with a lot of anaerobic breathing workout in between.

Right from the start of the climb, i was at the back already. My objective was just to finish it, albeit how slow it would take me to reach the top. Mashing and grinding the pedal while enjoying the burning sensation on my thighs and the acid lactic squeezing at every possible muscles.

Anyway, the winding roads provide ample excitement for speedsters and loads of superbikers passed us that morning. The 10km climb is heaven for them.

Chief Kutu and Mojo chit-chatting. One should think that the superbiker was the one struggling instead of them. Very nice photo.

Smiling and grinning. Yes, i got to the top of Peres. Another one in the book.

The gang. Pose maut kat atas Peres.

After everyone had reached the top, rest, drink, amik gambar etc, time to ride down. Perghhhh, best giler. At some stretch i was going more than 50km/h. Exhilirating. I tried aero, beskal pegi lagi laju. It took about 10mins or so to get to the Simpang Tiga again. Cepat betul.

We gathered at the Simpang Tiga and some of them went to Tekala. We broke off there. Then, Shazly had suggested that we do a speed workout i.e. mash at least 35km/h to Bt 18.

The peloton going at 35km/h, then 37km/h and top at 41km/h. We did a sprint at about less than 1 km to the finishing line (the bridge) at i touched 45km/h. woohoooooo...!!! not bad, huh? It was a very good workout and everyone stayed in the packed all the way to Bt 18. Great company. Great effort. Great pals.

From the BT 18 bridge, we went to Sg Congkak for a deserving nasi lemak.

Total distance : Approx. 45km
Total time : 1 hr 45 mins
Total calorie burned : 4357 kcal


Note : We thank OP Jim for the lovely photos and for being patient escorting us to and fro the ride.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Back into the groove

Taking a leaf from the previous posting, i felt renewed. Rejuvenated. Reincarnated, sort of. I intended to do Peres twice during the weekends : alone and the gang but was advised to change the plan. Instead.....

Woke-up early in the morning as i promised to go cycling with my baby bro. He slept at my house purposely for cycling. I think he must have been hit by the bug already. I woke him-up, prepared his breakfast and prep my stuff.

As we were raring to go, something weird had happened. The key to my borrowed MTB was no where to be found. The key has never left the key box and the only time i took it out was when i unlock the MTB. In all the excitement, our eagerness was difused. Maybe it was divine intervention, i thought. A test from Him - to calm me down and not to rush into things.

My bro and I decided to cut the lock using an old spanner/playa.

We were like, "Boleh ker guna playa nih nak potong lock besi nih? Ahhh, hentam jelah."

We did it. We sat around the MTB and took turns to cut the blardy dawai. We spent like 20mins just to cut it and felt like a pro thief later. Haha.

Maybe it's another divine intervention there. A test to our spirit. To see whether we really want it.

So, we pack the bikes and went to Putrajaya.

It was my bro 1st ride in Putrajaya and i was glad we did together. We started at Taman Warisan-PICC-toll klia (half-way)-PICC-Taman warisan. We spun about 40km and he did his PB, distance-wise. Gave him a few tips of what ive learned in the past 3 months. wahhh... dah jadik cam coach lar plak...

He loves it. I love it too. Two siblings having a great time together gether.

On the same day, i played hockey with my boos in the evening. Played 1.5 hrs of solid hockey. After many many years, i can play in the center of the field again. Marshalling our attacking play and defending our fort on counter attacks. Im enjoying my kind of hockey again. My fitness has definitely improved to the better as i could lasted the pace. Some of my friends were surprised. Hahaha... wait till they know, im SBRing.

I'm feeling it. Really. It's coming.

Fighting yours truly

Last Friday, I got back home early from work.

I was still in the lazy mood. Normally, if i get home before the sun is down, i would easily pick-up the shoes and run. However, after a week of lazing around not doing anything physical demanding, it's kinda hard to get into the motion. Infact, i felt like calling my friends to go for a Friday nite drink. I have become complacent. Raining in the evening make it easier for me to find excuses.

I knew it was bad. I also knew that if i dont take any action, it will turn into a cancer. This journey is not a quitting half-way. The moment I slack, the harder it is to get back to my normal routine. It was also not a case of overtraining as i dont think i have pushed myself to the brink of my limit yet. It was merely lazy talk running through my mind. Pure laziness.

I was at home. Alone. Wifey is not back yet.

I looked at the clock and saw the sun will set very soon. Yesterday, Ive promised myself to kick my butt of the couch but im finding it's difficult now than ever. Malas. Malas. Malas.

Suddenly, I saw an old man running and passing in front of my house. He's definitely older than a just retired person. My hunch, he's easily 60 and above. I dunno whether he jogs everyday but whenever i'm back home early, I always see him at different points of the area, jogging. He jogs very slow and he couldn't care less about his surroundings.

What motivates him to run at his age? He must be a healthy and strong person already to be able to jog as often as i could see him doing it. Ive always been complaining a lot about running. Pain here. Pain there. Pain everywhere. However, how is an old man like him seemed to be in his own world whenever he is in his strides?

The only answer to the question without asking him personally is to be doing what he is doing. Right?

So, i changed quickly, pull up my socks and put on my shoes.

I am running again now.

While runnning, I was still thinking what's running in the old man mind. What drives him to run when it time for him to rest and enjoy the remaining years of his life. Anyway, before i could figure it out the answer, i'd completed another 7km. Slow but i finished it.

The good thing was, i felt no pain. Only burning desire within.

What's burning inside? Go figure. The journey has just begun.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Lazy bum

For the past three weeks, training has been haphazard and his week has been the worst of all. Zero training so far.

On top of that, I am back to being a couch potato. The idiot box has never so tempting lately. How can one resist sitting on the comfy sofa munching away keropok lekor or sotong kering while watching great 3-hour match-ups such as ferocious Nadal vs joker Djokovic, whitewashed Federer and beauty Ana holds aloft the clay court holy grail?

This week - Euro footie is on tv and Cristiano Ronaldo is weaving his magic making the Real Madrid directors salivate over him while pushing Sir Alex's patience to the limit.

Sigh. Sigh. Sigh. Excuses. excuses. excuses.

Wifey is back from a 2-week plus outstation. I must get back into training asap or else all the hard work will go down the drain.

Gotta to kick my butt out of the bed in exchange with a saddle.

Genting Peres, ive never ridden on you. This weekend im gonna see you twice.

I suck big time whenever climbing and an even bigger sucker when i had to drop. I must learn on how to love caressing gently to the peak.

From now on, hills, hills and hills.

Pain, pain, pain.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

It's been almost a year

Between March to May 2007, I had felt some kind of numbness on my left thigh each time i sat for a prolonged period. Easy tasks like driving a car, air travelling, watching a movie at cinemas, sitting fine dining with clients, attending long meetings or even crossed legs during kenduri baca Yasin would become an uneasy affair. I always felt a slight tinge which turned into numbness affecting almost the whole length of my left thigh.

I went to see the doctor many times but i never wanted to say it out loud fearing the worst of results. Finally, the situation became unbearable. The pain kept coming and coming at a higher frequency. By that time, i knew something was getting really wrong somewhere.

I went to see a friend who's also doctor and he diagnosed me.

He said "There nothing severe but you have what we call a compressed nerve condition. There's no medicinal cure but you have a choice of either to rest completely until the nerve expand again or expedite the process by exercising." That was the prescription and I left his clinic without paying a cent.

I did my own research and further studied and found out that the condition can be a very early sign of stroke. Something which i think my Doc friend was not ready to tell me yet. He can either incompetent or hoping that i would heed his advice and wished the pain would go away without him having to tell me the truth.

I was in dazed. It took me another month before i decided to change my lifestyle. Change for the better. Change for the sake of my family. Most importantly, i must admit that i need to make the change.

However, something were still missing. I just dunno how and where to start.

I need an impetus. I need a rude shock to kick me off from the couch. I need a motivation pill. I need a trainer. I need guidance. I need a strong support team. I need my desire. I need myself to know what i want more than ever.

On 20/6/2007, taking the advice from Shazly, i went quietly to the weighing machine, stepped on it and was shocked to find i weighed a massive mind boggling 160kgs or 352 pounds..!! Just the kind of impetus/rude shock/motivation pill which i badly needed to bring me back to reality. Sometimes, knowing the truth can be really heart-breaking. No one can ever imagined how i felt driving back home on the same day. No one would know what was i thinking when i had shower as i got home and no one would know how hard for me to go to sleep, afraid to know that i will wake-up and face the same truth the next day. I was in grief.

Later, I sat with Shazly and started devising a training regime from food intake to the type of exercises that's best suited for my body geometry. We agreed to start very slow and increase the requirements gradually. It was a customised, self made programme with lotsa flexibility to fit my work travelling schedule. My target was to loose at least 30kg in 18 months.

Initially, it was really painful and a torture having to train all by yourself. You run alone, you eat alone, you read alone, you calculate alone, you plan your training alone, you execute your training alone, you shop your food alone etc. Constant mental arguments with your thoughts and keep challenging your self-doubt were never easy. At times, i felt like a mad person.

However, i had to presevere and since then i had :
  • been walking from 1km, 2km, 3km and further now
  • been running from 50m, 500m, 5km and further now
  • been running and walking up to 20km
  • walked up Genting (to Goh Tong Jaya) during last year's puasa month
  • weightlifting
  • swimming
  • been inching closer to playing my best tennis (my fav sport)
  • badminton
  • field hockey
  • cycled using my borrowed MTB on numerous routes
  • cycled using a road bike - two century rides so far
  • participated in 5km and 10km running competitions
  • participated in A'famosa International Triathlon
  • avoided rice or any refined white flour products
  • avoided any processed food. Canned and boxed.
  • choose my food carefully
  • cook my own breakfast
  • veggies and fruits are the best of friends
  • warm water is my favourite drink now
  • nuts are my favourite snack
  • never on a slimming pill or any kind of the so-called fat buster tablet
  • etc

The preseverance started to pay off since the first month i was into the regime. Inch by inch the my belly started to shrink. Pound by pound, my weight started to shed.

Today, I am 9 days away from the 1st anniversary of the training programme and i felt a sense of sadness reflecting the tough and trying times i'd went through so far. The sufferings, the self-conflict, the early morning rise and running alone, the tarmac, the constant tiredness, the burn-out i when through in patches, the evil cravings etc. I just had to pen this down to ease the sadness. The psychological impact is far more strenuous than the physical test. I feel like crying now. It's painful.

Statistically, i had

Lost 42kg in total.
Gained 6kg of free fat mass.
Lost 48kg or 106 pounds!!

That's massive. That's is equivalent to a petite Asian lady. I exceeded my own expectation.

I was wearing a size 60 pants. I am wearing size 44 now. 16 inches loss.

Even my shoe size had shrunk half a size.

My blood pressure has gone down to 120/80.

My numbness on my left thigh has seemed to disappear long ago.

When i looked into the mirror, I saw some changes but i think i am still an obese.

Some say, Phase I is completed. The fat i'd lost were the easy fat. The real work begin now.

I am writing this to share with those who are in my shoes like i was before. You may be as big as me but most of you are smaller. The point is it is possible to loose weight without using any pills, fad ads etc and i can vouch for it. Set your mind on the target and keep telling yourself that you want to take care of yourself. Once you know why you are doing it, your sub-conscious mind will take you through the long hard and arduous journey. It is not an easy journey but it's worth to take the journey.

Now, into Phase II. I will start by celebrating my 1st anniversary at the Chillis.

Old Timer, here i come.

Friday, June 6, 2008

You Will Do This

Some of you have registered for IM09 Langkawi.

To the first timers, you guys must be thrilled. Signing up for the event itself is an immense monumental courage already.

To those who going for it again, you guys know better. Your adrenalin must be flowing in you veins now.

To those who are still contemplating, rub it on mannn... you will do this..!!

Fuel Fuel Fuel

Yesterday, in almost all conversations i'd engaged, people talked about new fuel price hike.

People, newspapers, websites, emails, smses and a host of other information channels were overloaded with the price hike news. A shock to most people, maybe to everyone - except to those who made the announcement.

I felt kinda tiring listening to this issue. We are always at the loosing end no matter how hard they try to justify it.

When fuel prices go way high - in future, we may be doing this.....


Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Pelanduk dua serupa?

This is interesting.

Scroll down and please identify the big guy on the far right in the last photo.

Whaddaya think? haha..


I have been feeling a bit more lethargic than usual in the past few days. Lesu...

Could it be a case of malnutrition?

Could it be lack of essential minerals?

Could it be a case of over training? How much over training is over training?

Could it be a case of insufficient rest?

Could it be improper eating pattern?

I faced the same sensation sometime early this year and i'd reduced my training time which has had a positive effect. Should i do the same and chill out for a while?

I have included multi-vitamin into my diet and i'm looking for a good result.

Until then, i'm still thinking what's happening now? How do i explain to myself on this phenomenon?

I need advice.


Monday, June 2, 2008


545 am. Received sms from Chief Kutu that he's not going to run. Tired after yesterday's century ride.

Oh well, i almost turned the car after receiving the message. However, what i do to then? Head to mamak for roti canai? Watch sun rise from KLCC? ishhh... no larrr... anyway, i just bought NB 1223 and might as well i give it a test albeit a short run.

6am i reached Bukit Aman carpark.

Met Abu, Fairuz and Md Nor. Jakul arrived 5 mins later.

I started running around 6:05am.

My legs were wobbly. Battered. I think i was still recovering from the century ride the day before. Breathing was heavier than normal. In short, i was struggling.

The thought of ditching the run was hovering in my mind.

However, i kept it going and near Tijani 2 - Jakul catched up with me and we ran towards the Jalan Duta tennis centre.

I asked Jakul, "Go ahead. Im gonna turned back at the Jalan Duta fly-over. Jello legs."

He went off.

At the fly-over, i looked back. No sight of Abu and the gang. I looked in front, Jakul was running up the Jln Duta Govt's office hill. I looked down, at my new shoes and asked myself why i bought them. I started running again. Alone. Im used to it.

I continued running until the next fly-over, the PLUS fly-over and decided to turn back. Some say, it's about 7-7.5km until that point. I thot of saving my legs as i have a 2 hour badminton session later.

Ran back to the Bukit Aman carpark and saw Simon Cross, Shilpa and AJ along the way.

By now, my throat was very thirsty and i was looking around, hoping that i would find a roadside water pipe to re-hydrate. My luck was not good. There's nothing along the way.

I presevered and kept it going while running and walking to the carpark.

Distance : 14-15km.
Time : 2:03 hrs
Calories burned: 3826 kcal

Went to tanglin and had iced coffee. sedap siol.

Later, went to play badminton with my family. 8 sets. another 2 hours of sweating session.

Puassss.... petang jaga anak and tido.

Broga Pondan?

Yeah rite.

On Saturday, early morning wake-up at 530am : my eyes just wouldnt let me have an extra few minutes of sleep. After dawn prayers - i had oats with low fat milk, 2 bananas and coffee for breakfast. Left the house around 640am with everything ready in the car.

I reached Pekan Bt 18 around 715am and there's no one around. Roll-out time was supposed to be around 730. Later, Shazly came and said that everybody was waiting at the bridge. I'm late..!!

The crowd was a mixture of seasoned riders, Ironmans, triathletes and newbies. The plan was to ride for about 70km max with an introduction to the earlier part of the evil Broga route. However, looking at the those coming with us, i had my doubts.

We started spinning at a casual pace and picked it up nearby the Langat Simpang Tiga. I think that was the last time we were in a group until the nasi lemak stall. I had never been to Tekala and i must say the surrounding was very scenic and and has its own character with plenty of lushes greenery and wonderful tropical forest fabric. The Semenyih dam gave a cooling feeling to your eyes with a majestic backdrop of the Titiwangsa mountain range. I was on an easy pace until Shazly pushed me to crank up the speed. He taught me how to spin at a bigger crank and to take advantage of the momentum while climbing the gradual terrain and i felt really good about it. Before this, i would always drop the gear whenever i see a slight elevation and prepare for a painful mash.

At Tekala, a beautiful reacreational park, I was really looking forward to the much touted best-in-the world nasi lemak but to our dismay, the stall had ran out of supply at 845am..!! This nasi lemak must be really good, i thought.

In search for carbo, we stopped at another stall and same story, no more nasi lemak!! Aper nih..? Sedap sangat ker?

So, the group had decided to head towards Semenyih town. On the way there, OP AJ cranked-up the speed and IM Shazly asked everyone to stick behind him. He pulled us quite fast and the meter breached 40km/h. After that i dare not look at my meter again. Traffic were heavy so i better make sure i stayed focus and avoid all the potholes. Safety first.

One by one dropped behind the pack. I maintained my cadence with the heaviest gear and stayed behind Azly of Malakoff to take advantage of the slipstream effect. It worked. I had good 12-15 mins following the train until a damn bloody crazy nuthead lorry came near me and almost hit me. It's too dangerous and i backed off. Potong stim betul.

Anyway, we reached Semenyih town and again, no nasi lemak..!! Aiyaaa...

From Semenyih town, the leading pack decided to go to Broga town and truth be told, by now the 70km plan was a history.

On the way to Broga town, yeah baby Broga town (i cant believe im saying this!!), there were lotsa road constuction work and the sun was shining on our backs. The heat was on. We passed Broga town and still no nasi lemak..!!

About 1km after Broga town, there was another massive road construction work. Massive. Except for Chief Kutu, Mervyn, Jason and AJ - the rest decided to dismount their bikes and walked on the heavily gravelled and uncompacted road. Some of the riders started to feel tired already and the thought of nasi lemak was not fun anymore. We walked almost 1km and could not see the end of the construction. At 51km (on the meter), the rest of us decided to turn back and rest at Broga town. We really need to refuel, badly. The construction strecth was a really turned off for an otherwise an enjoyable and challenging ride.

Refuelled at Broga town - only one nasi lemak pack left and yours truly was the first to grab it. Haha.. the rest went for roti telur, roti canai and nasi campur. I had a quarter of the Powerbar too. After a table full of 100-plus cans and 30 mins of rest, we rode back.

On the way back, the faster riders decided to go fast and left us behind. At Tekala, i waited for DBC and a few mins later joined by Chief Kutu, Mervyn and Jason. We rest for awhile and had iced coconut drink to refresh before the nasty Semenyih Dam hill climb.

We continued riding and got the bottom of the hill climb. As I was mashing and grinding the climb, my heart rate was touching 90%, suddenly i had double muscle twitch on both thighs 3/4 of the climb. I almost fell unclipped but managed to stabilise my stance. I had to drop and walk to the top. I downed the 100-plus drink and a Powergel. It worked.

The rest of the ride practically went without any incident.

We reached Pekan 18 at around 1330hrs and i clocked appox 4 hours of riding time, 101km, burning 7897 calories along the way. Handsome sum.

We took a dip in the cool Sg Congkak, a much needed after ride recovery theraphy.

For me, that's another 100 in the bag.