Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Genting Peres - Father's Day

I felt a lil' bit lethargic waking-up in the morning as i havent recovered well from yesterday's workout. Sleeping way past midnite didnt help much too (refer previous posting.)

Anyway, i went to pick OP Jim (the fabulous photos are taken by him..!!) and went straight to Bt 18 where a host of riders were prepping up their machines at the parking lot going towards Sg Congkak. I was surprised to see so many and most of them are seasoned riders. There were a few IMs, IM trainees, tourers, otai and newbies. I had lost count on how many of them but there easily more than 15 of them.

The menu was Bt 18-Genting Peres-BT 18. Approx. 40km.

I have never done Peres, so the thought of it makes me a bit nervous. The not so fresh body was also running through my mind whether i will be able to survive the climb. However, seeing the many riders lifted my spirit a bit. Layan jelahhh... me telling the subconcious side.

Anyway, we got to the Simpang Tiga in a bout less than 30 minutes cruising at 28km/h most of the time except the final short steep climb. We regrouped, had a quick drink and marched on to Peres.

I think Peres can be divided into three (3) slightly steep with gradual climb in between each of them. The route is very very scenic and passing through a few native kampungs makes you feel that you're very close to nature. Anyway, i have always struggled on any hill climb and it's an area i need to address. With my massive body weight, my heart will be working at least three times harder than a normal sized person. However, it will be a blardy good cardio with a lot of anaerobic breathing workout in between.

Right from the start of the climb, i was at the back already. My objective was just to finish it, albeit how slow it would take me to reach the top. Mashing and grinding the pedal while enjoying the burning sensation on my thighs and the acid lactic squeezing at every possible muscles.

Anyway, the winding roads provide ample excitement for speedsters and loads of superbikers passed us that morning. The 10km climb is heaven for them.

Chief Kutu and Mojo chit-chatting. One should think that the superbiker was the one struggling instead of them. Very nice photo.

Smiling and grinning. Yes, i got to the top of Peres. Another one in the book.

The gang. Pose maut kat atas Peres.

After everyone had reached the top, rest, drink, amik gambar etc, time to ride down. Perghhhh, best giler. At some stretch i was going more than 50km/h. Exhilirating. I tried aero, beskal pegi lagi laju. It took about 10mins or so to get to the Simpang Tiga again. Cepat betul.

We gathered at the Simpang Tiga and some of them went to Tekala. We broke off there. Then, Shazly had suggested that we do a speed workout i.e. mash at least 35km/h to Bt 18.

The peloton going at 35km/h, then 37km/h and top at 41km/h. We did a sprint at about less than 1 km to the finishing line (the bridge) at i touched 45km/h. woohoooooo...!!! not bad, huh? It was a very good workout and everyone stayed in the packed all the way to Bt 18. Great company. Great effort. Great pals.

From the BT 18 bridge, we went to Sg Congkak for a deserving nasi lemak.

Total distance : Approx. 45km
Total time : 1 hr 45 mins
Total calorie burned : 4357 kcal


Note : We thank OP Jim for the lovely photos and for being patient escorting us to and fro the ride.


Dancing Ciken said...

good job bro!

next ride, aku cop belakang nko. best siot draft ko, angin lintang pukang barat daya tak masuk langsung

jangan kentut sudah aaa =)

Upiq said...

Kentut wa wangi... tak caya, tanya bini...