Monday, June 16, 2008

Fighting yours truly

Last Friday, I got back home early from work.

I was still in the lazy mood. Normally, if i get home before the sun is down, i would easily pick-up the shoes and run. However, after a week of lazing around not doing anything physical demanding, it's kinda hard to get into the motion. Infact, i felt like calling my friends to go for a Friday nite drink. I have become complacent. Raining in the evening make it easier for me to find excuses.

I knew it was bad. I also knew that if i dont take any action, it will turn into a cancer. This journey is not a quitting half-way. The moment I slack, the harder it is to get back to my normal routine. It was also not a case of overtraining as i dont think i have pushed myself to the brink of my limit yet. It was merely lazy talk running through my mind. Pure laziness.

I was at home. Alone. Wifey is not back yet.

I looked at the clock and saw the sun will set very soon. Yesterday, Ive promised myself to kick my butt of the couch but im finding it's difficult now than ever. Malas. Malas. Malas.

Suddenly, I saw an old man running and passing in front of my house. He's definitely older than a just retired person. My hunch, he's easily 60 and above. I dunno whether he jogs everyday but whenever i'm back home early, I always see him at different points of the area, jogging. He jogs very slow and he couldn't care less about his surroundings.

What motivates him to run at his age? He must be a healthy and strong person already to be able to jog as often as i could see him doing it. Ive always been complaining a lot about running. Pain here. Pain there. Pain everywhere. However, how is an old man like him seemed to be in his own world whenever he is in his strides?

The only answer to the question without asking him personally is to be doing what he is doing. Right?

So, i changed quickly, pull up my socks and put on my shoes.

I am running again now.

While runnning, I was still thinking what's running in the old man mind. What drives him to run when it time for him to rest and enjoy the remaining years of his life. Anyway, before i could figure it out the answer, i'd completed another 7km. Slow but i finished it.

The good thing was, i felt no pain. Only burning desire within.

What's burning inside? Go figure. The journey has just begun.


bola2api said...

thanks for this post. i needed a boost badly :)

joining PD tri?

Upiq said...

PD? ermmm.... wa wat Kenyir dulu kot..

Anonymous said...

What's burning inside?

For me...


And fear of becoming 3G again.

Inspirational post!