Monday, June 16, 2008

Back into the groove

Taking a leaf from the previous posting, i felt renewed. Rejuvenated. Reincarnated, sort of. I intended to do Peres twice during the weekends : alone and the gang but was advised to change the plan. Instead.....

Woke-up early in the morning as i promised to go cycling with my baby bro. He slept at my house purposely for cycling. I think he must have been hit by the bug already. I woke him-up, prepared his breakfast and prep my stuff.

As we were raring to go, something weird had happened. The key to my borrowed MTB was no where to be found. The key has never left the key box and the only time i took it out was when i unlock the MTB. In all the excitement, our eagerness was difused. Maybe it was divine intervention, i thought. A test from Him - to calm me down and not to rush into things.

My bro and I decided to cut the lock using an old spanner/playa.

We were like, "Boleh ker guna playa nih nak potong lock besi nih? Ahhh, hentam jelah."

We did it. We sat around the MTB and took turns to cut the blardy dawai. We spent like 20mins just to cut it and felt like a pro thief later. Haha.

Maybe it's another divine intervention there. A test to our spirit. To see whether we really want it.

So, we pack the bikes and went to Putrajaya.

It was my bro 1st ride in Putrajaya and i was glad we did together. We started at Taman Warisan-PICC-toll klia (half-way)-PICC-Taman warisan. We spun about 40km and he did his PB, distance-wise. Gave him a few tips of what ive learned in the past 3 months. wahhh... dah jadik cam coach lar plak...

He loves it. I love it too. Two siblings having a great time together gether.

On the same day, i played hockey with my boos in the evening. Played 1.5 hrs of solid hockey. After many many years, i can play in the center of the field again. Marshalling our attacking play and defending our fort on counter attacks. Im enjoying my kind of hockey again. My fitness has definitely improved to the better as i could lasted the pace. Some of my friends were surprised. Hahaha... wait till they know, im SBRing.

I'm feeling it. Really. It's coming.

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