Saturday, June 28, 2008

BT18-Kelawang and back

Kelawang?? Yeah baby....

I was warned to be afraid of her. Reminded to bring enough supplies and plenty of energy snacks. I was told to pace myself rather than syiok sendiri chasing the crazies. I know I wasnt ready for her and tried not to think about her much.

I bought spare tires preparing for the worst and 2 Mars bars for energy. brought a packet of ORS too, just in case. However, i'd forgotten to bring the Powerbar and gel for the trip. I know im in for trouble today.

We rolled out before 8am and there were at least 20 riders today. At the bridge, we saw a pack of national cyclist zoomed past us.

1st stop - Genting Peres. We got there after a 1.5hrs of constant grinding. The 1st time i climbed her, i stopped twice. The 2nd attempt, i stopped once. This time, 9/10 into the climb - i was still on the saddle and i thot.. hmm... im gonna nail her today. Never think you're there until you're really there. As soon as i thot im gonna make it, disaster happened. BAMMM...!!! I'd kissed IM saiful rear tyre and kissed the tarmac two seconds later. Darnnnn... and i was like 400meter nearing the top of Peres. We had to adjust the handlebar and the seating post which had got twisted in the accident. At the top of Peres, we'd regrouped, chit chat a bit, rest, walloped a Mars bar and made further adjustments to my bike.

From Peres peak, we headed towards Kuala Kelawang town. The downhill was a bliss and the rolling hills were painful. Lotsa winding roads until we reached the bottom of the hill and regrouped at the bridge. From thereon, except for a couple of gradual climbs, the rest of the journey was flat. I wished it had been like this earlier. We reached Kuala Kelawang town around 11am after 2.5hrs of cycling. I felt some aching on the lower side of my back eversince the adjustments being made to my bike. I was really worried about the return trip. At the halfway point, i refuelled. Massive refuelling. 1 full plate of fried rice with egg and chicken, 2 cans of Coke, 1 can of 100 plus, 1 Mars bar and a mineral water. The empty stomach was growling and the fried rice suddenly taste like chicken beryiani. I did further adjustment to my bike hoping that the problem will go away, thus, permitting an uneventful return journey.

We left the makan place 40 mins later and started the long return trip. My hope were dashed 5km outside Kuala Kelawang when my back ache returned. It was really painful, this time. I was even thinking of maybe ditching the ride after all. However, i had no choice but to continue coz it would be troublesome for my friends to rescue me when we were that far from our car parking place. We regrouped at the bottom of a soon-to-be nasty climb. very very nasty. kalau tak caya, korang try larrrr...

I was told it would be a 14km climb up to the top of Peres again. S#&*@!!! I cursed quietly.

Anyway, i dunno what's her name. I dunno where am i but betcha she has everything what a nasty climb should be.

Pain, agony, muscle cramps, heat, trembling legs, squiggy legs, aching shoulders, glute twitching, chaffing, buckets of sweat, swearing to the passing vehicles, negative thoughts etc. I felt every grain of the fried rice was being squeezed and mashed in my tummy to provide the precious energy i needed to survive the ordeal. It was definitely my most gruelling experience. I had lost count on how many stops i had and i wouldnt survive the challenge if not for IM Azmar who'd patiently and generously nursing me right up to the top of Peres. IM Azmar - special thanks to you, bro.

I downed the ORS but i wondered whether it had any effect on me but the cooling down session we had at one of the air terjun somewhere along the climb was a heaven in hell. Anyway, less than a km to the top - both my thighs got cramped. another darn. I touched them and i felt as if i had two red clay bricks hardening giving me a sense of quitting. I had to stand still and couldnt move an inch. IM Azmar said to let it be and be patient as the muscle will soon softened after a while. It took about 5 minutes before i can barely walking again. I pushed the bike for a bit and after a few hundred meters, the pain subsided. I hopped onto the saddle and grinded for the final push to the top. We were greeted with many happy cheers and hi-fives at the top of Peres as the front pack had waited patiently for our arrival. YESSS..!!! I pumped my fist quietly. I had a tired big wide smile on my face as i knew the sufferings were over.

After a short break, we regrouped and ride down the Simpang Tiga and straight to BT18 again. We reached the carpark at about 230pm.

It was definitely the most challenging ride i ever had and i was tested beyond my limits - physically and mentally. My trainer said "you need to have an able body and able mind to complete the route." I dont think i have either but at least - now i know, i had the heart for it.

Total distance : 107km
Total ride time : 5 hrs 36mins
Total hours spent : 7 hours
Total calories burnt : 11,134 kcal (that's worth more than 3 pounds of weight loss or 4.5 days of normal guy full meal)

that's another 100 in the bag. It's 3 centuries now and counting.


Ali said...

hats of to you big guy! I first joined the gang for the same route some time back and I had to take the sweeping vehicle that day for that reverse peres I was lucky that I had that option. Keep it up and I am sure you would conquer Broga soon!!

Anonymous said...

Hats off my friend ... hats off ...

PS: I m still a virgin as far centuries concern ... don't when to pecah ...


Dancing Ciken said...


u're mentally strong :D well done upiq!