Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Exciting times

Last week was a wet weekend.

Cancelled the intended PD ride but later found out that the gang didnt do the ride due to heavy rain. Luckily, I tucked in bed nicely. Late afternoon, pulled up some weights and went extra length with bodyweight interval training. By night time, felt sore on the body, all round.

On Sunday, joined bacin, dicky, azmar and few other for a brick. Run 16km and swim. I came late and the rest left already. Thus, managed to do 10km only. Running mileage for the week = 6+22+6+10 = 44km. Not bad. Exciting and exhausting. At 9am, we went for swimming. I brought fins, hand paddles and a kickboard. Strength training beb. My body was already tired upon entering the pool but i just felt that i need to proceed to stretch the fitness envelope a lil bit futher. I did 1.3km only but my upper body, shoulder in particular was in tatters. Letih giler.

Training seemed to be good and on track. Though it's tiring, hard and sometimes time consuming but reward to my health supersedes everything. I'm feeling strong, lotsa vigour, fresh and alert at all times.

On top of all these adrenalin related activities, my adrenalin was pushed to the max when the Dr said wifey was going to deliver the baby last nite..!! Gelabah badak gak beb. tapi excited.

However, after further test and consultation, the Dr is willing to postpone the delivery until tomorrow morning..!! So, me going to be father of two in less than 24 hours.

Sigh (in a happy way), Good things are in abundance to welcome the new year... exciting times...