Thursday, April 30, 2009


It's been awhile since the last time i had a proper family break.

Wifey has somehow regained her normal strength since the child birth and now perhaps, we deserve our very own time together away from the city.

Our family are in love the combination of sun, sea, sand and seafood, thus, obviously we chose a destination with those three elements complete with authentic local food options.

Haha... My son had been harping non-stop "Yeay, nak pegi pantai. nak pegi pantai" and his father is eager as a beaver too.

Kuantan is our choice. We will be spending the next three days basking in the sun, chomping fresh seafood delivered straight right from the boat and saviour quality family time at our own pace.

Happy Labour Day, y'all....

Friday, April 24, 2009

She's down

Now, wifey had got infected.

Bad bad eye. Bad bad bacteria.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The name is...

B-Haemolytic Streptoccus conjunctivitis with haemunutgiz (i cant read the Dr's writing) membranes.

If you've been diagnose with this bacteria in your eyes, go and see the eye specialist immediately.

I'm warning you already.

Bad eye

Just when everything looks good, disaster struck again.

Last weekend, it was my family's third visit to the hospital in 2009.

1st - wifey gave delivery to our apple, Syamima Aira. She's a gem.

2nd - son had hi-fever and end-up being diagnosed for ear infection. Yeah, ear infection n 40C?

3rd - severe conjuctivitis. Both son and daughter got admitted due to a vicious bacteria that was spreading throughout the Khan's family.

We spent 3D2N in the hospital nursing our two babies. Faiq (son) got infected earlier and after two visits to the GP with no concrete results, we decided to take him to HUKM. His sister joined him as well after her eyes got swollen. Dr diagnosis was not good. Their eyes were attacked by a unique bacteria which spells longer than Arnold Susahnakeja. Infact, at least 20 of my family members were attacked by this vicious bacteria.

At that point of time, my wife and I were spared and waiting to be infected. Thus, on Sat - we went to Pantai Hospital to get some kind of second opinion and soon enough than we thought, our babies were admitted for severe conjuctivitis. The Dr had to scrape a layer of membrane from the lower eye lid of my daughter to lessen the pain and extinguish the inflamation (i dunno whether this is the right word and stand to be corrected). There's no doubt that she's got infected from the brother. Kesian beb... berdarah mata wehhh... Listening them crying in pain sent shivers to my spine and wept silently in the heart.

Anyway, we had to packed and camped in the hospital. Weekend in the hospital. Woohooo...!!

I had also quietly slipped my running gear just in case i got bored. Truth be told, like any other Sunday, i was awake at 530am and i felt restless. I waited for the nurse to treat my babies first. Soon after the nurses had done their duties, i socked up, wear my shoes and told my wife "I'm going out to buy you breakfast." but i didnt tell her how am i goin there. Haha... managed to conjure a concrete reason to get away from the hospital.

At 715am, i was on the road already, running around the Bangsar hills. Up and down. Up and down. Up and down. Continuously. Actually, the Bangsar area provides a good training ground to strengthen your running legs as the continuous uphills and downhills can send your lung bursting to max heart rate within minutes.

I ended up at the Sunday morning wet market behind TMC at Lucky garden for glass of non-sweetened soybean drink and a taste of local lifestyle. I love walking in a local buzzing market while witnessing buyer and seller haggling for local produce. I bought nasi lemak sotong and curry puff for wifey.

Anyway, both my kids got discharged late yesterday as their conditions were improving. I hope they will recover soon. It's been almost two weeks now since they first got infected.

However, Dr had warned us that this particular bacteria is highly contagious, can easily mutate and stubborn to kill. You can be easily infected after recovery if you are not vigilant of the counter measures.

As of today, my wife had got infected already. It'll only time before i'l get the bad eye too. So, stay away from me.

BTW, the hospital bill was a bomb. &*%$?@..... bad bad eye...

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Kapas-Marang 2009 : Report

WARNING: This post is long and can cause brain damage. The writer bears no responsibility nor accountable for any hazardous impact towards the reader. Read at your own risk.

I wanted to do this. I wouldnt say that im dying to do it but i will give it a try. However, there's a small part in my lil' heart kept holding me back again and again. Maybe because swimming is my worst discipline. I had poured many training hours in the pool increasing training distances from 1km, 2km, 2.5km and whenever i had the chance, i will try and attend swimming classes with IM SK and the gang.

I wasn't really sure whether i really wanted do it until the final week before the registration closed. Once i decided to give it a go, everything else doesnt count anymore.

IM SK, IM Azmar, IM Kam, IM Stupe and me drove to Marang. We left KL just before midnite and reached Marang half-past 5 in the morning. We stopped at a Petronas station, had jamban break, solat and a delightful early morning breakfast at an el classico terengganu styled makan shop.

I had nasi briyani, nasi lemak, akok and ketupat palas. Perrghhh... sedap giler beb... I love race day because i can eat a lot more than any other day. Important for glycogen and salt build-up mahhh.... haha....

After breakfast about 7am we went straight to Marang jetty to register. Unfortunately, Mr Chan came 3 hours later and started the registration process at 10am. Shisshhhh..... what a waste of time and the waiting game made us lethargic.

We reached Pulau Kapas about noon and checked-in. the room was cosy enough for five of us. The weather was scorching hot, humid and unkind, so we took a short nap. At about 2pm, we woke as our stomach was growling already.

However, IM Azmar nih gatal sket... he suggested we take a stroll to the other side of the island and claimed that we'll have McDonald for lunch. Haha.. Nice try buddy... he also forgot to tell us that the journey to heaven include two very steep climbs and most of us were equipped with selipar jepuns only. Urgghhh... hungry, hot and selipar jepuns were definitely a concoction for a disaster.

After almost 40 mins of trekking, we decided not to continue and turned back. Well, we failed to get McChicken for lunch and instead of training for swimathon, we got an extra dose glimpse of what Xterra could offer.

We got back to the chalet and set-up the kayak. The kayak was specially brought here so that IM Kam could accompany/escort me personally throughout the swim. hahaha... anak manja... kena babysit larrr...

the kayak is super cool. the design is so immaculate that no matter in what condition, it wont capsize. All five of us decided to give it a try but IM stupe and IM SK get to try it first by kayaking to Mak Cik Gemuk stall for lunch. IM Azmar swam. IM Kam and me walked.

We had a simple lunch and chit chat while analysing the landing point for tomorrow's race and strategize our approaches. Met Nurina and family at the makan place too.

After makan, IM Stupe, IM SK and IM Azmar swam back and IM Kam kayak. I had to walk again. Honestly, i started to feel the butterfly in the stomach after watching the distance from the island to the mainland. Quite a distance i tell you. It did rang in my mind that whatever i am going to do tomorrow was a nuthead act. Simply crazy. It a case either i am sure about the challenge or i am just oblivious with the challenge ahead. i guess more of the second one as i have no idea how does it feel swimming in an open sea.

Anyway, the boys challenged me to take a dip and head for a buoy which was located about 300m offshore. IM Azmar, IM Kam and me had a body system test (BST). We headed to the buoy and turned back. I came out from the water feeling good. No muscle strain, no anxiety attack and no fear feeling. Good sign. Morale boosting.

Later, we had a briefing with the organiser followed-up with carbo-loading dinner. IM SK checked his iPhone 3G.. yeah, his proud new iPhone 3G for weather forecast and it did not sounded good. Weather was forecasted to be raining for the next three days in Kuala Terengganu which is a stone throw away from Marang. Thus, we should expect added challenges should the weather turned bad, sweeping current, bigger waves etc. It was making me more nervous. haiyaaahh....

i slept very early. 830pm dah masuk gol. I really needed the rest cos i know my body require at least 8 hours of sleep before any long distance event.

I woke at 5am. After 2 rounds of toilet visits and solat, we prepped up for the race day. We had a quick breakfast, lined up our bags at the jetty and had our body marked. Me, no 272.

Photo at the starting line is a must. Haha.... Mejar kalam, Nurina, Danial, Azmar, SK, me, stupe and azmar's friend. During the race briefing, we were told that two of the six buoys had been swept away last nite. Jeezzzz... i thought... you can see many of them were smirking or surprised to listen to the news. Something ugly was brewing in the sky and under the sea. haha...

We were told that there will be about 230 participants at the starting line but i have a feeling it's less judging from the number of people there.

The horn went off at 733am and all swimmers were running and splashing into the water. I let them go first. I knew the distance was far and there's no point rushing in. I am not going for podium finishing anyway... haha... I just wanted to know whether i have the courage to swim in the open sea and stay in the water for as long as possible if situation permits.

I started quite well i think, by my standard larr... The waves were also kind as it was not as bad instead i was riding over it going towards marang. The 1:30 hr was good and i think i covered about 3km and truly believed that i could just complete his challenge. However, my lil whisper spoke too soon.

Just when i was feeling i could do it, suddenly, Kam told me that i had drifted quite considerably to the left and heading south. The landing site which was supposed to be on the left side of Mt Fuji suddenly appeared to be on the right side. Pulau Kapas was supposed to be right at my back and now it was on my right side. Danger, danger, danger.

Something had gone wrong here. Pulau Kapas was supposed to be parallel with my back, not on my right..!?

My most loyal escort, IM Kam. scanning the horizon and thinking what we should do.

Anyway, i tried battling the current. It was getting stronger and stronger. I got drifted further and further away heading towards the South China Sea..! I could see no jellyfish. Maybe they had been swept away too. haha... All i could hear was the water splashing into my face and the helicopter hovering over me. I admitted that being alone in the vast open sea can be a mystifying experience.

Amidst the severe condition and obstacles, i had the chance to reflect my life while swimming. Believe it or not, my life flashed clearly in my head. My wife, my kids, my mom, my dad i.e. almost all the people i love and closed ones kept flashing in my head. Ironically, the more i see them in my head, the more determined i had become. The power of the loved ones goes beyond your imagination. It can be summoned anytime you want especially when your back is against the wall. It kinda gave you a kick on the butt and suddenly you felt energized and motivated to overcome the obstacles. I could also hear myself talking to me silently.

Anyway, after 2hrs30mins battling in the harsh water, rough sea and sea lice - i stopped for awhile. I assessed the situation. I noticed the sky was getting heavy, the current was gaining strength, i was drifted several kilometres away and practically, i was alone in the water with OP Kam. I decided the situation was getting a bit dangerous though i can clearly see the shoreline already. I could even hear the announcer's voice from the PA system. I must be about less than 2km away from the shoreline. My lil voice said i might just make it. However, I have a choice whether to continue to swim to the shoreline though off target or quit due to deteriorating condition.

I decided to quit and not risk any adverse event. Safety first. I know i sounded like a lame excuse but honestly, the situation was getting worse.

Kam raised his paddle and the rescuers came and scooped me out of the water. I am not sure how far i had gone but the navy guy said that should i had swam on a straight line, i would have reach the shore. Whoaaaa.... that's a blardy 6.5km of swimming distance! However, i stand corrected on this but i believed i had swam the longest distance in my life.

I had no regrets that i didnt finish the swim at the actual finishing line. It was tough. Toughest challenge thus far.

Nonetheless, the feat was definitely a big giant step forward. An inch closer towards achieving my goal.

Personally, i think i've slayed another demon in my soul. I strongly believe the demon is gone forever.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Open sea swim

My first ever open sea swmming experience. 12/4/2009.

At the back of the pix is Pulau Kapas. We started swimming from the island and heading towards Pantai Kelulut, Marang.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Play for him

Somehow Somewhere

Behind the sportsman you’ve become
The hours of practice
The coaches who pushed you
The teammates who believed in you
The supporters who cheered for you
The family who’d sacrificed for you

There is this little boy who fell in love with the game
And he never looked back.

Play for him......

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

3 months

She is growing very fast. Time really flies. Her weight is almost double already.

She has been very good so far. She seldom disturb her mom at night. Normally, she'd would sleep through the nite without much fuss. Been drinking a lot of milk.

She knows how to react to people. Here, smiling enthusiactically.
With her Lala (Big bro in Pakistani).
Having these two angles in the house makes me one hell of a happy father....!!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Someone asked me how big i was before... honestly, i dunno how to describe and i am tired of describing....

but i think these pictures will provide some clarity...





That's me, me and me.

Yes. People used to tease me.

Yes. People used to give me that weird stare whenever i go especially at shopping malls.

Yes. People used to call me DBKL, MPPJ, tong sampah, tong drum etc

Yes. People used to push all the left overs to me whenever we go for a big makan.

Yes. People always fault me whenever the lift beeps if it's overloaded.

Yes. People always asked me to sit infront if we go out car-pooling.

Yes. People laughed at me when i said i play sports.

Yes. People are bias towards oversized guy. I can vouch it.

Yes. People look down on oversized guy. I can vouch that too.

and many many more....

Yes. Any more questions?

Rain, Rain, Rain

I am currently staring at the KL skyline from the office.

I see the same thing for past few weeks.

Rain, rain, rain.


Monday, April 6, 2009

Jog and tennis

I woke up 530am on Sunday morning with the intention of doing recovery run at the Lake Garden but somehow i felt a bit lethargic. A reason to skip training. I felt tired. I went back to sleep.

Then, woke up at 630am. did morning prayer and felt a slight strain on both thighs. Maybe my muscle hasnt recovered fully from yesterday's muscle cramp. Yet, another reason to skip training. I lied down on the bed and massage my thighs. I cold feel that my body was still warm from yesterday's work-out.

I saw sunrise from the bed. It's been awhile since the last time i saw sunrise from my own bedroom. Now, i usually greet the sunrise while i was riding or running.

My body was still tired but i forced myself out of the bed. I went out to buy breakfast for my family - roti canai, mee hoon goreng and kuih. I had an apple and half-boiled eggs.

Then, I passed the playground. I saw many people were exercising - young and old but I didnt feel motivated. I was still tired.

I reached home, change into my sporting gear and picked up the tennis bag. I am not sure what i am gonna do yet but at least i had all my gears in the car. Yes, i had goggles, swimming trunks, paddle, tennis bag, running shoes, Big Bertha clubs and Titleist driver. But still i havent decided what to do.

I left the house in the car - my usual way of testing my craving for a work-out.

I decided to play tennis after all.

I reached the tennis court and were full of players. No court for me.

I exchanged my tennis shoe for a pair of running shoes. I ended up running for 45 minutes. I am not sure the distance but it should be around 6-7km. Felt really really tired. Legs were wobbly and felt a tinge of pain on the right knee.

I sat next to the tennis court. Sweating like a pig. Body was as warm as a freshly grilled sirloin steak. I could see steam vapouring on my shoulder. Endorphin kicked in. I grabbed my tennis bag and went to the court. Ended up playing tennis for 2 hours. Feeling fresh and energetic upon reaching home.

Spent the rest of the day visiting my in-laws, went to a birthday party, watch a horrendous F1 and celebrated MU 3-2 magnificent win against Aston Villa.

Lesson learned : Our body is truly amazing. Never underestimate your body prowess. It'l surprise you when you least expected.

UK Perdana - Genting Sempah (4/4/09)

It was the first time i am trying this route.

I was told that to leave SK's house at 7am but unfortunately, it was 7am from Petronas at simpang wangsa maju. So, i sampai lambat larrr. In all the chaotic preparation, unnoticedly i had left my 'food' in the car.

SK and Jason blazed their way to meet Bandit and his friend at the Petronas station. From there, the train whizzed to an average of 30-33kmh. I was cursing left and right what's goin on with these people hitting top gear so soon and so early. Lil that i knew that the train had to pick up more passengers at HOA - Dr, Jamil and Saifuddin.

Anyway, by the time we scaled towards Genting Sempah, it was already 8 something. No more mist, no more cooling.

Being the first timer here, i wasnt sure what to expect from the climb. I decided to pace myself only. The route is not as scenic but longer than Genting Peres. The last few kms were quite challenging with many short, steep and sharp bends. Those with physical power will have no problem but i had to summon my mental strength to pull through. I could feel the accumulation of acid lactic as i mashed the pedal. Slightly more than 1 hour, we reached the top. Jamil and Jason had kindly enough waited patiently for our arrival.

After 10mins break, we ride down. It was fast and furious at certain corners and there were a lot more cars plying this route compared to Peres making it a lil bit dangerous to 'syok sendiri' with the downhill.

Anyway, in the absence of my 'food' - i felt a bit hungry as we reached HOA again. We have another 20km to go home but we didnt stop for refuelling. A big mistake.

On the way to UIA, Jason hit top gear again with SK and me trailing him. Bloody hell. Tak padan kecik tapi lagi gilos. I dropped Saifuddin as we reached the left turn traffic light going towards UIA. At the same point, i'd finished my water bottle. I was cursing quietly to myself for not refuelling at HOA.

True enough, by the time we scale the slight uphill at MRR2 going towards Ulu Kelang, my stomach started growling already. Energy was very slow and the heat was immense. I was looking for a pump station but couldnt find one.

We eventually stopped at a store just before zoo negara but it was too late as my tank was really empty and dehydrated. As we climbed back to UK Perdana, yes -the last evil climb, my left thigh went strike. Cramped.

It's been awhile since the last time i cramped and let this be a lesson that next time to make sure that i have the 'food' before any ride. Nutrition mesti jaga for the body to function properly. 2nd lesson was not to panic went i had cramped. Be patient and let the muscle relax again.

Anyway, it was generally a good moderate heavy duty work-out due to the speed work we did to and fro. Total distance was only 70km but the searing heat made it quite a challenge.

Friday, April 3, 2009


Swimming from shore to shore, non-stop for 6km within 4 hours in an open sea water.

Technically, to finish the swim within the pre-scribed cut-off time, a swimmer must be able to complete every 500m in 20mins or less. That's the slowest possible time.

Is it possible ?

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Bad feel, Good feel

Something new i learnt from one the pool session which i think i could share with y'all. I am not a good swimmer and infact, far from it. Trying to learn from videos, reading, Youtube etc but it doesnt help much. I just couldn't translate whatever i have learned into action.

Anyway, 'Feel' is a term used widely by swimmers to describe the kind of sensation you'll get whenever you are trying to trap as you thread the water.

Bad feel is something you do which will prevent you from achieving a good swim stroke. Example if you are swimming with your fingers widely spread between one another, you will not be able to trap the water properly. Thus, no matter how much energy you exert with the expectation to swim faster, you will never achieve it. Y? Because the water keep slipping through your palm and fingers.

Intuitively, i know i had problems with it especially whenever i'm tired, i tend to less loose a bit, loose focus, concentration and eventually, unconciously will do the 'bad feel'. Thus, all this while ive been wasting my energy unnecessarily.

Good feel is the when you are actually 'connecting' with the water. Same example, if you close your fingers properly, catch and pull the water accordingly- you will expereince a slight pressure concentrated on your plams. This is what you call 'feel'. You feel the water.

If you do it continuously and diligently, you will feel the water flowing over your body, hands, legs while you glide forward. This is what you called water feel.

All these while, i had never felt the 'feel' as much as yesterday. I was training with Bandit, Budin, Azmar and SK corrected my stroke. Suddenly i felt the 'feel'. Good feel.