Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Bad eye

Just when everything looks good, disaster struck again.

Last weekend, it was my family's third visit to the hospital in 2009.

1st - wifey gave delivery to our apple, Syamima Aira. She's a gem.

2nd - son had hi-fever and end-up being diagnosed for ear infection. Yeah, ear infection n 40C?

3rd - severe conjuctivitis. Both son and daughter got admitted due to a vicious bacteria that was spreading throughout the Khan's family.

We spent 3D2N in the hospital nursing our two babies. Faiq (son) got infected earlier and after two visits to the GP with no concrete results, we decided to take him to HUKM. His sister joined him as well after her eyes got swollen. Dr diagnosis was not good. Their eyes were attacked by a unique bacteria which spells longer than Arnold Susahnakeja. Infact, at least 20 of my family members were attacked by this vicious bacteria.

At that point of time, my wife and I were spared and waiting to be infected. Thus, on Sat - we went to Pantai Hospital to get some kind of second opinion and soon enough than we thought, our babies were admitted for severe conjuctivitis. The Dr had to scrape a layer of membrane from the lower eye lid of my daughter to lessen the pain and extinguish the inflamation (i dunno whether this is the right word and stand to be corrected). There's no doubt that she's got infected from the brother. Kesian beb... berdarah mata wehhh... Listening them crying in pain sent shivers to my spine and wept silently in the heart.

Anyway, we had to packed and camped in the hospital. Weekend in the hospital. Woohooo...!!

I had also quietly slipped my running gear just in case i got bored. Truth be told, like any other Sunday, i was awake at 530am and i felt restless. I waited for the nurse to treat my babies first. Soon after the nurses had done their duties, i socked up, wear my shoes and told my wife "I'm going out to buy you breakfast." but i didnt tell her how am i goin there. Haha... managed to conjure a concrete reason to get away from the hospital.

At 715am, i was on the road already, running around the Bangsar hills. Up and down. Up and down. Up and down. Continuously. Actually, the Bangsar area provides a good training ground to strengthen your running legs as the continuous uphills and downhills can send your lung bursting to max heart rate within minutes.

I ended up at the Sunday morning wet market behind TMC at Lucky garden for glass of non-sweetened soybean drink and a taste of local lifestyle. I love walking in a local buzzing market while witnessing buyer and seller haggling for local produce. I bought nasi lemak sotong and curry puff for wifey.

Anyway, both my kids got discharged late yesterday as their conditions were improving. I hope they will recover soon. It's been almost two weeks now since they first got infected.

However, Dr had warned us that this particular bacteria is highly contagious, can easily mutate and stubborn to kill. You can be easily infected after recovery if you are not vigilant of the counter measures.

As of today, my wife had got infected already. It'll only time before i'l get the bad eye too. So, stay away from me.

BTW, the hospital bill was a bomb. &*%$?@..... bad bad eye...

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Miss J said...

laa yong pun dah kena?
tinggal lu ngan dik je la tak kena.. heheh