Friday, April 3, 2009


Swimming from shore to shore, non-stop for 6km within 4 hours in an open sea water.

Technically, to finish the swim within the pre-scribed cut-off time, a swimmer must be able to complete every 500m in 20mins or less. That's the slowest possible time.

Is it possible ?

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Anonymous said...

salam.upiq dear.. ko swwiiiimm je...while tuning to ur head ur favourite hits and ballads... :P tapi jgn sampai tak navigate... lepas abes nyanyi satu lagu (nyanyi dlm hati), then nyanyi satu lagi lagu..pretend that kam is listening...hahaha.. if xnak nyanyi, can recite any Quranic verse masa swim.. ok gak tuh..all d best ya ! hats off to u. cant wait for ur report..oh hey..jgn lupa sapu banyak2 vaseline...