Monday, April 6, 2009

Jog and tennis

I woke up 530am on Sunday morning with the intention of doing recovery run at the Lake Garden but somehow i felt a bit lethargic. A reason to skip training. I felt tired. I went back to sleep.

Then, woke up at 630am. did morning prayer and felt a slight strain on both thighs. Maybe my muscle hasnt recovered fully from yesterday's muscle cramp. Yet, another reason to skip training. I lied down on the bed and massage my thighs. I cold feel that my body was still warm from yesterday's work-out.

I saw sunrise from the bed. It's been awhile since the last time i saw sunrise from my own bedroom. Now, i usually greet the sunrise while i was riding or running.

My body was still tired but i forced myself out of the bed. I went out to buy breakfast for my family - roti canai, mee hoon goreng and kuih. I had an apple and half-boiled eggs.

Then, I passed the playground. I saw many people were exercising - young and old but I didnt feel motivated. I was still tired.

I reached home, change into my sporting gear and picked up the tennis bag. I am not sure what i am gonna do yet but at least i had all my gears in the car. Yes, i had goggles, swimming trunks, paddle, tennis bag, running shoes, Big Bertha clubs and Titleist driver. But still i havent decided what to do.

I left the house in the car - my usual way of testing my craving for a work-out.

I decided to play tennis after all.

I reached the tennis court and were full of players. No court for me.

I exchanged my tennis shoe for a pair of running shoes. I ended up running for 45 minutes. I am not sure the distance but it should be around 6-7km. Felt really really tired. Legs were wobbly and felt a tinge of pain on the right knee.

I sat next to the tennis court. Sweating like a pig. Body was as warm as a freshly grilled sirloin steak. I could see steam vapouring on my shoulder. Endorphin kicked in. I grabbed my tennis bag and went to the court. Ended up playing tennis for 2 hours. Feeling fresh and energetic upon reaching home.

Spent the rest of the day visiting my in-laws, went to a birthday party, watch a horrendous F1 and celebrated MU 3-2 magnificent win against Aston Villa.

Lesson learned : Our body is truly amazing. Never underestimate your body prowess. It'l surprise you when you least expected.

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