Thursday, April 2, 2009

Bad feel, Good feel

Something new i learnt from one the pool session which i think i could share with y'all. I am not a good swimmer and infact, far from it. Trying to learn from videos, reading, Youtube etc but it doesnt help much. I just couldn't translate whatever i have learned into action.

Anyway, 'Feel' is a term used widely by swimmers to describe the kind of sensation you'll get whenever you are trying to trap as you thread the water.

Bad feel is something you do which will prevent you from achieving a good swim stroke. Example if you are swimming with your fingers widely spread between one another, you will not be able to trap the water properly. Thus, no matter how much energy you exert with the expectation to swim faster, you will never achieve it. Y? Because the water keep slipping through your palm and fingers.

Intuitively, i know i had problems with it especially whenever i'm tired, i tend to less loose a bit, loose focus, concentration and eventually, unconciously will do the 'bad feel'. Thus, all this while ive been wasting my energy unnecessarily.

Good feel is the when you are actually 'connecting' with the water. Same example, if you close your fingers properly, catch and pull the water accordingly- you will expereince a slight pressure concentrated on your plams. This is what you call 'feel'. You feel the water.

If you do it continuously and diligently, you will feel the water flowing over your body, hands, legs while you glide forward. This is what you called water feel.

All these while, i had never felt the 'feel' as much as yesterday. I was training with Bandit, Budin, Azmar and SK corrected my stroke. Suddenly i felt the 'feel'. Good feel.

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