Friday, August 22, 2008


Lately, I have been getting lotsa negative comments from a lot of quarters regarding my sporting activities.

I know i should not take any heed from these unwanted opinions. These 'noises' can be a poison to your spirit and sometimes can kill it eventually.



Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Normally, i would always do a run on Sunday but somehow i don't feel like running at all.

Sometimes when the lazy blood is running through your vein, you just don't want to do anything at all. It has happened many times before during the course of this journey and it happened again last weekend. I think knowing that almost all training buddies were not around gave me a sense of emptiness. Distorted plan made it worse.

However, i recognised that they were not around not because they were not training but racing. So, do i have any reason to be in bed while they were grinding their butt at a gruelling race? I know, some of you guys will say "Why not?" and maybe it's the right decision to stay in bed... but i decided to go against the 'voice'.

Thus, in the spirit of the race, i kicked my butt out of the bed and went cycling. I had agreed to two parties Chomel and Dicky who were going to Tekala but somehow on that Sunday morning, for some reasonss, all plans went haywire again.

I ended up cycling alone. That practically summed up the week full of non-stop changing of plans. Nothing went right the whole week last week.

Anyway, i started from BT 18 around 730am and God presented me with the most beautiful atmosphere. Misty cool morning with absolute no sunshine. The sound of the water streaming the river and the quaint Tekala route provided golden opportunity for me to appreciate the gift of nature. To illustrate the misty morning, I could barely see the Simpang Tiga from the starting point of the short but steep climb.

From the Simpang Tiga, i decided to go up Peres and dumped the Tekala route. Tukar plan lagi.

1km up towards Peres, the sun started to warm the ground. Glorious day, i thot.

The reward from nature made the Peres climb much easier than ever. I have been here thrice and had never completed the climb without a stop but on that very day, i had only one target - to ride all the way to the top.

And i did it.

Pure satisfaction. I dunno how to describe the feeling but it's the same feeling which i get each time i break a mental barrier. The feeling is addictive. The endorphin gushing through your blodstream is indeed a drug. You want it. You want to feel the sensation again and again, no matter how pain it is to squeeze it out. If you havent experience it, it's very hard for you to appreciate but to those who knows the feeling, you know what i'm talking about.

The first time i rode her, Peres was evil but the evil has turned into one of my favourite training route. She's not kind and still a tough nut to crack but she provides a very good workout for my wobbly legs.

After a long stop at the top (hoping and waiting that Dicky will turn up), I refuelled and ride down.

On the way down, bumped into Dicky and Bacin going up. Then at the Simpang Tiga, I met Chomel and his friend. Well, at least i manage to salvage some of the ruined plans.

Onwards to Bt 18, i did some speed work training, mashing the pedal consistently between 30-35kmh, sometimes up to 38kmh on the biggest ring and the smallest crank. Another good workout.

As always, mentally it's difficult to be training alone but sometimes you need it to see whether your hunger is still there.

Total distance : 44.6km
Total time : 1hr56mins
Total ride time : 1hr38mins
Calorie burned : 3218kcal

Monday, August 18, 2008

D.Damai-Bt Arang-D. Damai

When almost everyone were doing Desaru and i had to skip it - i was left with almost nothing planned for the weekend.

Thusk far, i have been cycling mostly around southern KL routes.

For a change, i went cycling with my friend from the uni days, Tabira the Lone Ranger (i was told he rides alone most of the time). We havent met for a long time and it's ironic that we met on the comfort of the skimpy saddle.

Anyway, we rode together and left his house in Damansara Damai around 8am. We were talking and chit chatting, catching up on the loss time of friendship when suddenly a train from TBB passed us and rallied us to follow them to Puncak Alam. We followed the fast peloton (cruising at 35-40km/h) and i was struggling to keep pace with them. Up until Sg Buloh, we ditched them and turned into Kundang and headed straight to Batu Arang.

We stopped at a stall and refuelled. A few minutes later, it rained. Darn.

It was quite a long stop because we were still chatting and remisnicing the good old days and updating each other on the latest development. However, the rain didnt stop.

Well, we decided to weather the rain and cycled back. the stall patrons must be thinking we were crazy to ride back in that condition. I hate cycling while it's raining. It's wet, dirty, slippery, reduced visibility etc. However, we had no choice but to ride on coz Tabira had to go to work around noon at we have to be back before then.

On the way back, we climbed an oil palm hill and was rewarded with a beautiful scenery as we reached the top. From there, we turned into the main road which was quite flattish all the way. Tabira and me took turns to lead and we were cruising 30-35km/h. Tabira was a quite a fast rider (to my standard larr) and anything below 30kmh was slow for him. So, I tried to hang on while sticking to the biggest chain ring for as long as possible. This would be a good training opportunity, i thot. Cranking the pedal on the biggest ring for a sustainable period of time can really squeeze every bit of your leg muscles and the speed training was one helluva workout.The after effects stayed on my thighs right till the next day. Lunyai beb...

Traffic were quite heavy as we reached Sg Buloh and can sometime be dangerous. We held on together until we reached Damansara Damai.

Total distance : approx 67.5km
Total time : 3hrs 15mins
Total ride time : 2hrs 15 mins
Total calorie burned : 4237 kcal

I went home feeling satisfied.


No... it's not the thang which they were looking for from DSAI on his sodomy case...

DNF... no... DNF is for people who had started a race but fell short of reaching the finishing line.

DNS... no... DNS is for people who had registered, paid the registration fee, collected the goodie bag, race number.. but did not turn up at the starting line.

DNA... yes... my kind of DNA is for people who had registered, has yet to pay the fee and did not arrive at the race site at all.

That's me. haha... trained so hard, chased for race registration on an already closed registration date, bought all the necessities and so much for the race-hype.... but in the end, i went DNA.

I had an 11th minute change of plan..oh, maybe it was on the 12th minute (if there's any)....

Well, it's kinda an unexpected emergency plan but it's well worth it.

Desaru, i stood you up.. race can wait.

Thursday, August 14, 2008


I called up Mr Chan and he allowed a late registration. Now, im registered to race. And im panicking.

Anyway, the reason why i didnt bother to check Desaru's registration deadline was because I wasn't thinking nor intending to do it in the first place. To me, the DHIM distance was a bit too long and maybe im pushing my luck a tad too far.

But after last weekend's workout, i felt i should just give it a try. However, i know i wasnt really serious about it which explains the registration delay.

When i knew the registration was closed, i felt a mixed emotions between a relief and a setback.

A relief, cos the challenge is a bit intimidating. A relief, cos i think i need to get 'real' and come back to reality.

A setback, if i dont try this year, the next opportunity will be a year from now (provided im still healthy and injury free). A setback, if i dont try, i will not know how tough the challenge is.

Either/or it's in the mind.

As soon as Mr Chan's secretary said "You've been registered. See you in Desaru!", it dawned upon me that i have just sold my life, to some, the madness of excruciating and painful sport.

Why would anyone do this sport???? Dont ask me, i dont have the answer.

I'm exercising just for the sake of loosing the extra pounds..... but why i choose this sport? i get lotsa this question and i dont have the answer.

At the moment, i had the same feeling when i registered for my 1st tri, the A'famosa. Jittery. Not knowing what to expect gives you the butterfly in stomach sensation. I hate it. It gives me a sense of uncertainty. Not being in control of my destiny. Once again, im being pushed out of my comfort zone.

I hope, the lil' experiences i had with my two tris should give me an insight of what kind of pain ive committed too. Even then, i dont think anyone can imagine the pain until they get through it.

Well, what to do now? My target is to experience the challenge and keep my personal journey alive. I dunno whether i can finish the distance. infact i dont mind if i end up as a DNF. It's a monumental task just thinking about it. Having said that i will try to enjoy, get suck into the race atmosphere and the people.

To those who are reading the blog, dont you guys dare to leave me out there alone, okay?

Kalau korang dah abis pon, carik lar gua balik. Kalau korang pegi tapi tak race, sokong lar kuat2 and kalau korang tak pegi, doakanlah supaya wa bleh race dengan dengan selamat, k?

If my wife is reading this, i know i should be at home at the mo but i hope you can 'cover' it for me. I know it's not easy for you having someone like me in your life but betcha all your sacrifices will be forever etched into my memory bank and God will reward special people in a special way. If i had gone a bit too far in pursuing this insane passion of mine..... please forgive me .

Wish me luck, y'all.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Registration Closed

I had overlooked the registration deadline. I thot we can register online like the other races.

It was my mistake.

There's a RM20 late entry charge and im willing to pay. Ive been trying to call Mr Chan on his hp but to no avail. voice mail after voice mail.

My bad. My bad.

Now, does anyone know how i can register?

Ohhh.. it's Desaru by the way...

Monday, August 11, 2008


On Sunday, i woke up around 530am and felt i had to do something.

My legs were still tired after the long ride the day before but i've told myself i needed to do a long run this weekend to see whether i've got the legs for next weekend.

Since i have no firm plans like others who're running at KOTR, Malakoff Penang Run, Genting Sempah ride etc i pondered my options at the edge of the heavenly bed.

Finally, I decided to surprise my mom.

After a light breakfast of oats and kismis, i left the house at 630am. I brought a Powerbar, 1 Powergel, dates and plain water.

It was another those efforts when i slayed my demons. Running alone around Alam Damai towards Bandar Tun Hussien Onn, exited at Kajang Highway, turned into Sungai Sekamat junction and finally reached my mom's house.

Legs were weak but spirits were sky high. I'd never imagined that one day i be running to mom's house for breakfast on Sunday morning.

My mom actually thought that i'd cycled there but she was shocked to find out that i ran there.

I was hoping to get at least 15km oso but it fell short. It was only around 13km and it took me 1hr 32mins. very very slow. The good thing was i still had my Powerbar and Powergel in my pocket unlike before where for a normal 10km run, i would have gulped two gels and an isotonic drink.

I burned approx 3117 kcal which gave a good total of calories burned for the weekend.

later, i went to play 2 hours of badminton with family and burned another 1987 kcal.

I spent the whole evening with family watching Olympics and had nap towards the evening. A deserving rest for the overly trained muscles.


Actual : MTDC-Lukut-MTDC

Azwar, Jakull, Laif, Azmar, AJ, Shazly, May Senn, Kawan May Senn, Juli, Don, Zabil, Syaaban, Kawan Syaaban, Chipang, TZ, Adeline and yours truly.

Well, i was expecting a bigger crowd and was told that there will be a mix of speed demons and escargots but from the names above : except for Chipang and myself, can you identify any other escargots?

Everyone started quite slowly and soon after the 5km mark, Laif had to turn back due to some technical problem to his BMC. From thereon, the peloton cruised at a comfortable speed of 30-33kmh. However, as i was huffing and puffing trying to stay with the pack, Jakull - riding next to me with his iPod tucked in his ears was yawning. "Slow sangat arrr" he whispered. Cisss...

Anyway, at 20km mark, going down fast at the De Palma downhill, Azmar the saviour was unfortunately kissing the tarmac in a some kind of weird accident. I was a few meters behind him when it happened and i saw his front wheel kinda slanting to the right and a second later... BAMMM..!! he was on the ground. Shazly swerved to the left or else the Cervelo would be on the ground too. Azmar was in pain holding his shoulder very tight. We called Laif (luckily he'd problem with his bike) and he came 30mins later to take Azmar to the hospital.

As we had lost some considerable time at the crash site, the riders decided not to go to PD but to stop short at Lukut town. The peloton continued the journey and was cruising at a comfortable 30-33kmh. We re-grouped at Shell station for another 15 mins.

We then turned left heading towards Bukit Pelanduk and we were greeted with some climbs. The Bukit Pelanduk route was a continuous winding roads with strong crossing winds. Personnally, it wasnt as hard as Genting Peres but we were told that it was just part of the entire Bukit Pelanduk. To get to the 'real' Bukit Pelanduk climb, we should have turn right mid-way through. We escaped it. Haha...

Anyway, we reached Lukut town almost 11am and re-fueled. We had Capati, Puree, Nasi Lemak, roti canai - you name it and we cleared the entire can drinks in the fridge. "Air tin sudah habis larr, bang" the shop owner said with a smiling face.

We turned back and climb Bukti Pelanduk again. The sun was out in full force and burning our necks. It was steaming hot but everyone was loving it. The peloton went so fast that i had to drop back and mashed myself alone before Azwar accompanied me back to the to the Shell station. We re-grouped, refuelled and headed back to Bangi.

The last leg, i tried to keep up with the peloton but was dropped again and again. Finally, i decided to pace myself rather than grinding to bonk. The ride back to MTDC was a lonely affair but i have no qualms. I am getting used doing this crazy things alone anyway. Being left behind is almost like my second nature by now.

I reached MTDC around 130pm when the rest were already finished packing and driving home.

I waited for Chipang. Tracked back. Searching for him. He was cramping when we last saw him at the Shell station. I knew the feeling thus i dont have the heart to leave him alone.

After back tracking for 6km, i saw his bulky lonely figure, painful expression but an elephant sized desire to finish the distance. He reminds me of somebody i know dearly. I offered him a lift but he declined strongly. He wanted it. He wanted to complete it very badly. I followed him all the way back and eventhough he was still cramping, he presevered, pushed himself beyond his own imaginable belief and deservingly, he finished it. well done, bro.

Total time : 5hrs 34mins
total ride time : 3hrs 45 mins
Distance : 104.9km
total calorie burned : 7860 kcal

We were later told that Azmar was sent to Serdang Hospital and Doc Hisyam was on duty to help in expediting his treatment. Azmar suffered a fracture on his collar bone and a hairline crack on his shoulder blade. He was advised to take leave from training and will rearing some chickens at home for the next 2-3 months. Hopefully, he will recover soon.

Get well soon, IM Azmar!!

Friday, August 8, 2008


I was about to sign-up and it happened again.

Each time when i feel i should give it a shot, somehow this somebody, someone will appear and tell me to back-out. After all the efforts and you want me to stand down?

I must admit sometimes it does have some effects on my self-confidence and worse, draining my spirit.

i dont understand what's the intention and why me..... but i am blardy sure that it fires me up.

Shoooohhhhh..... Go away and leave me alone.....


Wednesday, August 6, 2008


I've been suffering from a freak diarrhea.

The longest ever diarrhea. It's been four days now and it's still bubbling in my stomach.

When i burp, it smells.
When i fart, it smells.
When i poo, it smells.
Same smell all the time.

Except for walking up 24 floors to my office every day, i have not been doing any other hard training for the past 4 days. Whatta a bummer. It's affecting my training regime. Will i ever be ready for DHIM?


Saturday, August 2, 2008

Fast Food Mummy

Venue : Putrajaya-Cyberjaya- 3/4 Powerman route

The Plan : 90km bike, 10km run

Actual : 60++ bike, 3km run

The flat course provided us an opportunity to do some speed training and at some stretches we did 40kmh. Semput oiiii ikut bebudak Ironman nih training. Couldnt quite last their pace and backed out after several minutes of tailing them. Maybe that explained why we kinda lost our legs for the run. The flat course provided a different challenge especially when you are going fast. if korang ingat flat course is sap sap soey, think again. With a focused training plan, flat course can be as daunting as a hilly course. Pecut tak hengat....

Anyway, i burned a good 4336 kcal and went home smiling. Puas kayuh laju2. I had promised wifey to take her out for a belated 4th anni lunch.... so takleh lepak lelamer.

How could you resist.....

this....!!!!!!!!!!! Portobello...


and this........!!!!

whalloped the whole rack

like a hungry barbarian.... grrrrrrrr

Later, me and wifey went to watch a movie. I wanted to watch Dark Night but hampehhh betullll... dah takdak...

We ended up watching The Mummy. Pretty disappointing. Wifey poked me many times as i was making my own 'music' in the theatre.

ahhhh... whatta a great Saturday