Monday, August 18, 2008


No... it's not the thang which they were looking for from DSAI on his sodomy case...

DNF... no... DNF is for people who had started a race but fell short of reaching the finishing line.

DNS... no... DNS is for people who had registered, paid the registration fee, collected the goodie bag, race number.. but did not turn up at the starting line.

DNA... yes... my kind of DNA is for people who had registered, has yet to pay the fee and did not arrive at the race site at all.

That's me. haha... trained so hard, chased for race registration on an already closed registration date, bought all the necessities and so much for the race-hype.... but in the end, i went DNA.

I had an 11th minute change of plan..oh, maybe it was on the 12th minute (if there's any)....

Well, it's kinda an unexpected emergency plan but it's well worth it.

Desaru, i stood you up.. race can wait.


Dancing Ciken said...

takpe, tunggu next race k. powerman, maybe?

Upiq said...

Powerman biler, ek?

aper distance race tuh?

Dancing Ciken said...

9 november 2008, kat perak

11km run, 60km bike, 10km run (full)

sprint pun ada gak, distance separuh dari full