Monday, August 11, 2008


Actual : MTDC-Lukut-MTDC

Azwar, Jakull, Laif, Azmar, AJ, Shazly, May Senn, Kawan May Senn, Juli, Don, Zabil, Syaaban, Kawan Syaaban, Chipang, TZ, Adeline and yours truly.

Well, i was expecting a bigger crowd and was told that there will be a mix of speed demons and escargots but from the names above : except for Chipang and myself, can you identify any other escargots?

Everyone started quite slowly and soon after the 5km mark, Laif had to turn back due to some technical problem to his BMC. From thereon, the peloton cruised at a comfortable speed of 30-33kmh. However, as i was huffing and puffing trying to stay with the pack, Jakull - riding next to me with his iPod tucked in his ears was yawning. "Slow sangat arrr" he whispered. Cisss...

Anyway, at 20km mark, going down fast at the De Palma downhill, Azmar the saviour was unfortunately kissing the tarmac in a some kind of weird accident. I was a few meters behind him when it happened and i saw his front wheel kinda slanting to the right and a second later... BAMMM..!! he was on the ground. Shazly swerved to the left or else the Cervelo would be on the ground too. Azmar was in pain holding his shoulder very tight. We called Laif (luckily he'd problem with his bike) and he came 30mins later to take Azmar to the hospital.

As we had lost some considerable time at the crash site, the riders decided not to go to PD but to stop short at Lukut town. The peloton continued the journey and was cruising at a comfortable 30-33kmh. We re-grouped at Shell station for another 15 mins.

We then turned left heading towards Bukit Pelanduk and we were greeted with some climbs. The Bukit Pelanduk route was a continuous winding roads with strong crossing winds. Personnally, it wasnt as hard as Genting Peres but we were told that it was just part of the entire Bukit Pelanduk. To get to the 'real' Bukit Pelanduk climb, we should have turn right mid-way through. We escaped it. Haha...

Anyway, we reached Lukut town almost 11am and re-fueled. We had Capati, Puree, Nasi Lemak, roti canai - you name it and we cleared the entire can drinks in the fridge. "Air tin sudah habis larr, bang" the shop owner said with a smiling face.

We turned back and climb Bukti Pelanduk again. The sun was out in full force and burning our necks. It was steaming hot but everyone was loving it. The peloton went so fast that i had to drop back and mashed myself alone before Azwar accompanied me back to the to the Shell station. We re-grouped, refuelled and headed back to Bangi.

The last leg, i tried to keep up with the peloton but was dropped again and again. Finally, i decided to pace myself rather than grinding to bonk. The ride back to MTDC was a lonely affair but i have no qualms. I am getting used doing this crazy things alone anyway. Being left behind is almost like my second nature by now.

I reached MTDC around 130pm when the rest were already finished packing and driving home.

I waited for Chipang. Tracked back. Searching for him. He was cramping when we last saw him at the Shell station. I knew the feeling thus i dont have the heart to leave him alone.

After back tracking for 6km, i saw his bulky lonely figure, painful expression but an elephant sized desire to finish the distance. He reminds me of somebody i know dearly. I offered him a lift but he declined strongly. He wanted it. He wanted to complete it very badly. I followed him all the way back and eventhough he was still cramping, he presevered, pushed himself beyond his own imaginable belief and deservingly, he finished it. well done, bro.

Total time : 5hrs 34mins
total ride time : 3hrs 45 mins
Distance : 104.9km
total calorie burned : 7860 kcal

We were later told that Azmar was sent to Serdang Hospital and Doc Hisyam was on duty to help in expediting his treatment. Azmar suffered a fracture on his collar bone and a hairline crack on his shoulder blade. He was advised to take leave from training and will rearing some chickens at home for the next 2-3 months. Hopefully, he will recover soon.

Get well soon, IM Azmar!!


Chipang said...


You are my saviour..I just can't describe the feeling when I saw you searching for me..sangat-sangat terharu..You patiently follows me until I reached the MTDC car park..I owe you biggg time, big bro!! Anyway, lesson learned should listen to his body when want to commit things especially the long ride. Anyway it was a great outing except for the mishap occured to Azmar.


missjewelz said...

hi upiq ! baru tahu u blog jugak..(like Duh! hahaha..) anyway, ive lined ur blog 2mine ya. oh btw,next time regis awal2...pergi tak pergi kemudian cerita ..okay ! tc.

p.s. : bila ramai2 nak visit azmar..? dia tgh bosan tuh..hahah..

Upiq said...

Chipang : I was there too and i think i can relate to your experience. Dun worry bro, you are doing great. Keep it up..

Jewelz : You're too fast larrr.. terkincit wa nak follow.. Power gilers.. i can learn some cycling tricks from you.

Upiq said...

Jewelz : Well, my primary source of info is from kawan and i depend on y'all heavily becos im not good in tracking the deadlines etc. klu i check sendiri, macam nih larrr - selalu lambat.

Klu ader entourage nak lawat azmar, i bleh draft skali.