Friday, August 22, 2008


Lately, I have been getting lotsa negative comments from a lot of quarters regarding my sporting activities.

I know i should not take any heed from these unwanted opinions. These 'noises' can be a poison to your spirit and sometimes can kill it eventually.




big easy said...


you are doing fine.

this is overdoing it

jim said...

Only you can determined whether you are overdoing it.....

Listen to yr own body, listen to yr family....

Upiq said...

'you are overdoing it'
'you are not young anymore, you know'
'if weight loss is your goal, you dont have to go as far as this'
'careful, you might end up sick'
'your family is more important than your exercise activities'
'eat larrrr, it doesnt harm you that much'

etc etc

Upiq said...

you get what i mean?


and most of them cant even wake-up at 8am on Sundays...

Mohd said...

"U choose who u want to listen to and u have the luxury to hear only what u want to listen!"

text taken from the text book of Shazly's School of Hard Knocks!

zulhassan said...

biar ketagih bersukan dari ketagih dadah.

bola2api said...

i get a lot of shite from others all the time about my sporting activities.. but i learned to ignore them.

it's my body, it's my life. as long as i'm ok with it, hubby and kids are ok with it, lantaklah tertonggeng apa org nak kata.

be brave and strong, dude..

Anonymous said...

Honestly, if you look from family point of view, yes, i might say you are over doing it to a certain extent.

But, I totally agree with your friends, you will only be overdoing it if you think you are overdoing it. If you are aware with what you are doing and you believe that you are not and will not be putting your family in grief (i think you know what i mean), then I guess you are doing just fine!

Azly Anwar @ Bandit said...


here's some points worth considering:

1) Family comes first! You should start to consider bringing the family into the picture..

Bring family to races- aku dah start buat ni. biar bini engkau lepak dengan bini aku and anak engkau main dengan anak aku!

They do deserve a break.. so let's take them with us.. evening before the race, lepak dengan anak kat hotel's pool, later we go out for nice dinner.. and after race, we take them out to nice lunch!

2) as much as there are those who say negative things, on my side, I only hear positive things.. during the recent Interstate, Boot, Budin, Ish, Mac were all impressed by your ACHIEVEMENTS. During Papa's mom's funeral, Mandela, Abeng, Bear & Papa were all impressed by the PROGRESS made by you..

In fact, to date, I have yet to hear anything negative.. Azian speaks highly of your WEIGHT LOSS, and my wife too respects the COMMITMENT that you have given..

3) most of these people who say negative things are trying to put you down!

maybe they miss the old Upiq who is bigger then them. maybe they miss the old Upiq who eats more then them..

on the other hand, there's MANY of us appreciate the NEW Upiq who cycles with us, the new Upiq who exercises with us..

Not an issue of reducing, but what you need to do is to re-strategies your priorities..