Wednesday, September 10, 2008


I'm have been laying down quite low these past few weeks.

I was going through a phase.

A phase which surrounds overtraining, depression and frustration.

I guess every athlete (though im not in the athlete category yet) who'd been continuously on a training regime somehow, earlier or later, will go through this phase.

The phase is called overtraining syndrome or OTS. There is a distinct correlation between OTS and depression.

"Generally, OTS is a condition when a highly motivated athletes, consumed with the will to perform well and win, become frustrated by poor performance that may be caused by inadequate recovery during over-reaching and overtraining. Part of this disappointment stems from the athletes’ realisation that they are not living up to pre-established aspirations or goals, despite having invested much in their training programme. Frustration then leads to increased practice time each day and increased training intensity, which results in less regeneration, increased fatigue and worsening of performance. This progressive cycle of decline also results in deterioration of an athlete’s mental well-being. Depression then may manifest itself as altered mood states, sleep disturbances and a loss of zeal for training and competition." (taken from the internet)

As i analysed my situation, the OTS started when i'd decided to skip Desaru tri. After long and hard training sefforts, i had to aborted Desaru due to a valid reason. Suddenly, my body went into a depression state. I tried doing more training but motivation was sliding down into the ravine.

Then, frustation kicked in. Not only it suppressed my desire for training but also it's affecting people surrounding me. I started ignoring my training buddies, refusing makan outings with them, refusing training invitations and I even stopped reading and writing emails to them and blogging too! Instead, i went out on my own, spent more time with family, did some shopping, meeting friends other than training buddies etc. I did all of other things except training.

However, during this phase, it gave me time. a chance to think. to reflect. to appreciate. to set news targets and achieve new goals.

Now, three weeks later - i feel fresh.

My mind is clear.

I'm ready to go again.


tryathlete said...

welcome back! see you at genting sempah on friday

Upiq said...

See you there, bro...!!!

Kalau ko sampai dulu, make sure lu rescue wa dulu...