Thursday, July 31, 2008


I was supposed to join a few mutants for an early ride. Yeah, 5am ride... but wa dah terlajak...

Pluss.... had to stay in bed coz i forgot it was our 4th anniversary....


Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Lain kali jgn nakal

This was what happened last Friday nite.

I was having a wonderful dinner at DBC's before my son got into a nasty accident. He was playing with other kids and suddenly i saw him lying face down on the driveway. I dunno what exactly caused the accident but there was a mini-volcano like wound close to his rught eyelid and blood was gushing down all over his face.

We brought him to Pantai Hospital ER.

Worried father (and angry too cos the Dr was taking time to treat my son). Son in pain. Bloodied shirt.

Dr warded him and we spent the nite together. Kesian dia. He didnt sleep well.. selalu terkejut and menangis2... maybe due to the trauma he went through the nite before.

Tired looking father. Been holding his son for 2 hours and sakit tangan oredi. He was also pissed because he's been told that there was no experienced enough Dr around at the ER to perform the surgery.
The morning of the surgery. He was still in pain and in terrible mood. Father still holding his son.
Post-op. He was back to his ownself. Running and jumping around. Ultraman Dyna saved the day.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Big Bro

I dunno whether it's genetic, hereditary or plain disregard of good eating habit - almost all of my siblings have unfavourable BMI stats.

As individuals, we are generally active.... well, i mean we do play sports and do other mild physical sweating activities. The problem is but we are also good eaters. We love our food. We know the best eateries and when we have our own family gathering, be it at home or way, we WILL EAT..!! When we have our BBQ homemade dinner, not even Tony Roma's or Jake's can match our succulent steaks, lamb chops complete with homemade mashed potato, fries, delicious gravy, grilled garlic bread, multiple sauces and a host of desserts (oh yeahhh.. cheese cakes and kek batik).

However, in the last 10 years i think we'd 'outgrown' ourselves. Our lifestyle and eating habits have become a threat to our very own life.

We are just lucky that despite our humongous sizes, none of us has contracted any diseases (such as diabetes, hi-blood etc) yet.... maybe just yet.

My elder bro, Sher Khan, knowing something had to be done to correct the situation, he started this whole new lifestyle since February 2007. In short, he used to weigh about 125kg when he started and now, he is a proud 75kg man.

Later - myself, my sis, my lil bro and others got sucked into our new family culture and started our own weight loss and healthy life program.

For those of you looking for direction or guide, my big bro has just started his own blog to document his journey. I would recommend that you start reading and get inspired...!!! I CAN...

Thursday, July 24, 2008

PD International Triathlon 2008

Finally, i have time to update my race report.

I left KL with OP Jim at around 1600hrs on Sat, 19/7/2008 in a cheeful mood and feeling upbeat about my chances in PD.

However, as we passed the turn-off to KLIA nearing Nilai, we got stuck in a blardy traffic jam, again. I dunno whether it's a coincidence or not but it was at the same place and on the same day (day) where i got stranded going to my first tri in A'famosa in May 08. Somehow, I think traffic jam and triathlon have got a positive correlation between them. Luckily, this time i wasnt rushing for anything and we arrived in PD around 1830hrs.

Later that nite, i didnt go to the official carbo-loading dinner due to some confusion and i didnt have the ticket. However, IM Yusran came and brought 6 packets of out-of-this world beryiani with chicken and lamb. We had dinner amongst ourselves and the beryiani was excellent. Next time, i must recommend to Mr Chan to serve beryiani during carbo-loading night.

Later, i went to the carbo-loading dining hall to meet friends and fellow triathletes. Everyone were in jovial mood and we exchanged many good luck wishes to each other.

After the race briefing, went back to my room and ran through the final preparation before going to bed at abt 11pm. I was praying to God to let me sleep in peace unlike in A'famosa where anxiety took control which left me awake until dawn. I noticed that i was calmer and relax this time around and managed to catch a good nite sleep and well earned rest.

I woke up at 515am, went to toilet (twice..!!), eat light breakfast, vitamin and a Powerbar on the way to the race site. At the race site, i put my race kit into the basket, hooked my bike and went for body marking.

While waiting for race time, we took photos and mingled around with other athletes.

Me, nurina (super-mom with husband and 3 kids doing triathlon too) and no 437. Smiling face.

Transition area. Triathletes converged at the transition point organising their race kit. You can see that the rack are full. Some of the professional triathletes from all over Asia who'd competed in the Elite category the day before for ranking points had stayed over night and competing in the Olypic Distance (OD) too for recovery. aiyahhh.... gila betul lar dorang ni.

The race started at slightly after 8am and as the horn went off, we rushed and shoved each other to get into the water. The swimming course started from the beach and headed towards the open sea before we turned into the PD marina docking berth. We were lucky cos the sea was kind to us. No big waves. No strong current. Weather was fine too.

It was the first time i had swam that far in the open sea. 1.5km with approx 1,000 other swimmers. It was something which were unthinkable and unimaginable ever in my life. I'm was living outside my normal-ordinary-comfortable-predictable life as i threaded the water slowly.

Abt an hour later, i emerged from the sea like a Godzilla storming the city of Tokyo. As i was running and passing the shower area, i could see spectators raised their eyebrows, whispering to their friends in amazement pointing and looking at this bull-sized guy with massive jello-like stomach bouncing all over the place. Ahhhh... i dont care. At least i'm competing rather sitting around doing nothing like I was once before.

i took easily 5 mins at T1 and rolled my bike to the mounting area. Smiling face. High spirit and body felt okay.

I overtook quite a number of riders during the cycling leg cranking and mashing the pedal. I saw big trains and pelotons passing on the side of the road. Beautiful sight. The bicycle course runs through the hiway towards KL and turn right at the traffic going through a series of undulating rolling terrains. It was a very nice course.

In the last 15km, I drafted behind the guy in the above picture. Main slipstream siotttt... instead of working together, the guy kept trying to breakaway from me but i closed in each time he distanced away.

I got to T2 approx 1.5hrs later and some of the athletes had completed their running leg. Aiyaaaa... to be honest it can be a bit demoralising seeing these guys reaching the finishing line just when you were about to leave for your running leg.

Anyway, i tried to keep my spirit up without thining much of other athletes. After all, I'm only competing against myself only. My target was to complete the race and prove that A'famosa was not a fluke. I have only me standing in between the challenge and the achievement. still smiling.

when i started running, i was already about 1030am. Sun was bright and temperature has started to rise dramatically. By the time i got to the 5k mark, it was scorching and burning my neck. It was one of my most difficult 10km run as the running course was a boring, straight, no tree shades, no scenery except cows and run-out-of water water station. I had 1 Powerbar and 1 Powergel to keep my nutrition level up and provide the much energy energy to complete the course.

2km to the finishing line, suddenly my kidney hurts due to overheating and i felt a sudden urge to berak/poo too. i was really in pain from thereon and hoping that i wont be DNFed. Ironically, my body was holding quite well as i presevered in agony. Later i was told that the berak sensation is called runner's diarrhea due to the constant up and down movement of the body during running which may stimulate bowel activity.

Anyway, 400 meters to the finishing line, i could see people were going back already with the bikes nicely tucked on the cars and i thot, "Damn, there wont be anybody left when i reach the line."

After almost 4 hours of toiling in the water, heat and pain - i reached the finishing line with my arms raised in the air. No matter how long it took me to get there albeit swimming alone, cycling alone and running alone, getting to the line was indeed a sweet victory. A moment to saviour for the rest of my life.

The medal maybe small and cheap compared to the efforts you put in to get to the finishing line but the self-belief and confidence level that you achieved at the finishing was far greater reward than anybody can give you.

Finally, my first tri was the most memorable and my second tri was more significant.

Smiling face again.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Packed up

I had just collected my bike from servicing. When i was at the shop, my technician said i am the 4th person of the day to collect his bike and going straight to PD. I heard there will be in excess of 1,500 participants for this year's edition and four of them came from my housing area. Woohoo... tak sangka mat2 kat cheras nih ader group triathlete gak.

Anyway, at the time of writing, i have packed up my racing gears - goggles, swim cap, shortie, cyling jersey, helmet, running shoes, socks, cap, Powerbar, Powergel etc. Hopefully, i have not forgotten and left anything behind.

Everything is in order. I hope my performance will be in order too.

I have never swam in an open sea before. Let alone a 1.5km distance. Goshhhh. There will be some anxiety when i enter the water tomoro. I hope i will be able to cope with the euphoria and the funfare at the much touted competition.

Weather forecast says that there will be some light drizzle in the early part of the morning and sunshine throughout the day. I am expecting a sun-baking condition coming to the running leg of the competition.

Mentally, i am stable now. Pyschoing myself for the event. Drumming my head with motivational mantras once used by legends like Muhammad Ali, Lance Amstrong even Rocky Balboa.

Physically, no injury. resting. recuperating. Im giving my muscles the much needed rest before the grand battle tomoro.

I have no specific target for tomoro except to complete the race once again.

I need to prove to myself that A'famosa was not a one-time wonder. I am will fight the demon in me and prove that A'famosa was not a fluke.

I hope i can beat myself tomoro. Wish me luck.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Green light

It's two days before PD tri (as of yesterday). Preparation for race is going well.

I am very careful when comes to taking a good care of my beaten body. I will take all precautionary measures to ensure that my engine and its components are maintained properly. With the amount of mass that i am carrying, i just couldn't afford even a miniscule injury. Pain is good for performance improvement but we must also be wise enough to identify the type of pain we are facing. Pain due to injury is not good. Not good at all. I cant really explain how do you differentiate between the two pains but generally, pain due to injury gives you some excruciating feeling/seansation at the affected part/area.

Each time before i go for long rides, long runs and a host of other longs.. i will do a body pain check. It's like a musician doing sound check before a performance. If there's no red flag after the check, i will give my body system two thumbs up. A green light to go.

One of the ways, i will go for a quick short run. I would normally try to detect any breakdown symptoms every step of the way. I will be alert to leg muscles contraction, heavy breathing, heart rate fluctuation, upper body sustainability etc. Yeah, sounds macam bagus... I know.... My physical condition is no where near the fitness required by an Ironman but at least i want to have the discipline of managing my body accordingly.

So, yesterday i went for a quick 5.5km run at a slightly increased pace compared to my usual training pace at my usual training ground. For the first time in my life, i'd completed a 5km run without having to walk. Yeay..!!

Since the day i started exercising (a year ago..!!), there's this one evil uphill climb which i would normally succumb to. I have always had this desire and inkling that one day i will conquer her. Yesterday, i did it. My legs were holding up well and we attacked her with a vengeance.

It may sound a no big deal to some but to me, that's another mental barrier broken to pieces.

I got home with a PB of 36mins burning 1427kcal. The timing is still slow but surely i'd improved in this one year.

Timing is not my concern for now as i am only gunning for the finishing line irregardless how long it would take for me to get there.

I think my body is ready to go to PD.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Feeling fine

Went to Bukit Jalil again yesterday and im tellin you that the LRT worked like wonders. I'm now an official LRT fan.

I left office after marghrib prayers but i was able to reach the pool around 8pm. that's what i call efficient public transport. I'm beginning to contemplate whether coming to office, i should just ditch the car and the petrol after all.

anyway, i did a swimming workout after reading some drills on the net. I know it's a bit late now as PD tri is just around the corner but i suppose better start now than never.

All in all, i did an hour of speed drills while applying some freestyle techniques i'd learnt last nite. I dunno whether i am getting closer to experience water feel but i did felt calm and comfortable in the water.

I must say that im shooting all over the place as it's not easy training alone. No proper guidance and no proper supervision. You just dont know whether what you are doing it right or wrong. However, pushing myself to train and getting my arse into the pool without being told in some way a type of mental training too. A year ago, i would rather going to meaningless teh tarik and roti-telur-double!-kuah-campur-banjir! sessions than grinding in pain during training.

I am feeling great at the mo. I'm not sure whether i am ready or had trained enough for PD but i am definitely not as nervous as in the week before A'famosa. Hopefully, everything will go fine.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Water feel

On the way back from Ipoh, i learnt the term 'water feel'.

It is a term used in swim sport. Until now, I am stil unsure what's the meaning as one will only know what it means when he/she is technically sound in his/her swimming stroke. Plus, you need a swimming coach to guide you on how you execute the correct swimming stroke and feel the 'water feel'. As of now, i think 'water feel' is the sensation you get when your body is really connected with the water during stroking. Stroking as in swimming stroke tauuuuu... jangan pikir benda2 lain lak.

So, in the eagerness to self-educate, i went for swimming yesterday.

I left office quite late, thus, cheras pool was almost closed when i reached there.

I called IM Dicky and he's in Bukit Jalil. I was glad to know IM Azmar was there too.

Bukit Jalil has changed its pool timing and this had created some inconveniences to the regular visitors. However, for people who are latecomers.... like me.... the 8-10pm session is a blessing. It allows us to train after a long day in the office. I mean, it is a loss for some but a gain to others too.

I really suck in swimming. The only style i know is breaststroke. The slowest of all. It requires the least energy too. But it makes me feel like a mermaid. Hahaha...

Anyway, I did a combination of breaststroke and freestyle yesterday. Breaststroke for 30m and freestyle for 20m. I must admit my freestyle strokes uses a lot of energy and maybe the most inefficient. After 22 laps i decided to quit. Approx. 38mins. Damn slow.

Later, I went to look for IM Dicky and IM Azmar. Both of them gave some good tips on how to economise my freestyle strokes. I did an additional 2 laps with close supervision from IM Dicky. Under his watchful eyes, i ironed out my palm and arm entry, water pull back, gliding and lateral breathing.

Im going to bukit jalil again today to practice what ive learned yesterday and hopefully there will some improvements.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

2nd tri

I have just registered for the up and coming PD International Triathlon 2008. trying my 2nd tri.

ive been slacking in training since i changed job fortnight ago.

i hope i can finish the event in one piece.

There will be a lot of friends at the event too...

I'm excited...

Friday, July 11, 2008

Settling in

It's been almost two weeks now I'm working in the new company.

Initial impressions are :
  1. The interior of the office is much better than i'd expected. Vibrant colours.
  2. People are very friendly and helpful (so far larr...)
  3. General facilities are above average. The pantry is the best since i started working moons ago.
  4. I went to an away day activity and got to know the other colleagues within the office fairly quickly. Most of them, same wave length (very important..!!)Made a lot of friends in a jiffy.
  5. I have a sophisticated office phone and your ID will be tagged once you call me for the first time. Haha.. Now, I can ignore calls offering credit cards, insurance plans, time sharing plans etc. My previous phone semuanyer kodi, takde screen.
  6. Freeflow coffee (nescafe) and teh tarik are provided daily.
  7. Challenging assignments which will keep me busier than ever before.
  8. Distance from home is approx 12km. Season parking at an affordable rate but i have yet to drive to office coz my other car is still in the workshop.
  9. I have a choice of taking the LRT as both Putra and Star stations are within 5 mins walking to office. RM1.70 one-way. Very affordable and a very useful travelling option.
  10. On the 26th floor, the company provide a recreation facilities complete with a shower..!! Yeay...!!!
  11. Bukit Aman is just 2 mins drive. Double Yeay..!!
  12. Chin Woo is just 5 mins drive. Triple Yeay..!!!