Saturday, July 19, 2008

Packed up

I had just collected my bike from servicing. When i was at the shop, my technician said i am the 4th person of the day to collect his bike and going straight to PD. I heard there will be in excess of 1,500 participants for this year's edition and four of them came from my housing area. Woohoo... tak sangka mat2 kat cheras nih ader group triathlete gak.

Anyway, at the time of writing, i have packed up my racing gears - goggles, swim cap, shortie, cyling jersey, helmet, running shoes, socks, cap, Powerbar, Powergel etc. Hopefully, i have not forgotten and left anything behind.

Everything is in order. I hope my performance will be in order too.

I have never swam in an open sea before. Let alone a 1.5km distance. Goshhhh. There will be some anxiety when i enter the water tomoro. I hope i will be able to cope with the euphoria and the funfare at the much touted competition.

Weather forecast says that there will be some light drizzle in the early part of the morning and sunshine throughout the day. I am expecting a sun-baking condition coming to the running leg of the competition.

Mentally, i am stable now. Pyschoing myself for the event. Drumming my head with motivational mantras once used by legends like Muhammad Ali, Lance Amstrong even Rocky Balboa.

Physically, no injury. resting. recuperating. Im giving my muscles the much needed rest before the grand battle tomoro.

I have no specific target for tomoro except to complete the race once again.

I need to prove to myself that A'famosa was not a one-time wonder. I am will fight the demon in me and prove that A'famosa was not a fluke.

I hope i can beat myself tomoro. Wish me luck.


big easy said...

let me be the first to congratulate you here even before your report of PD.

you rocked again, dude!

i was told that you weren't the last to come in.


when will i have the balls (or visa, haha!) to do my first tri.


Chipang said...

bro, congrats on completing your second are now my idol! hahaha..anyway just wanna check with you whereabout in Cheras u service your bike?


Chief Kutu said...

Nampak2 kamu ni dah jadi mentor for the KM (Kuat Makan) gang & please include me among your followers together with Chomel & Chipang!
Well done Mannnnn.
No need to prove anything more, now just focus on what u like to do.

Anonymous said...

Gee.. Upiq!! I'm SooOOoo proud of you man!! Bangga.. Bangga..

AND its ur 2nd Tri someMORE!!

As a diver you will NEVER catch me swimming in the open sea like that. This tells me that one can just do anything when he puts his heart and soul to it.

Excellent job! Gua SUSPECT lu bro..



Upiq said...

Big easy : Thnx bro. Just do it.

Chipang : Me, an elephant, your idol???

Chief : i love my food and my makan gila makan friends. KM, cool...

Lara : Thnks. Join us larr.... swim, bike, run... you can do it too.

Chipang said...


hahaha. what's wrong with that? I admire your determination, your effort and never quit for me i've been in this sports for quite sometime and never complete any triathlon event let alone full olympic distance. Itu hari pun just relay..tuh pun lambat..u kan nampak i tepi jalan struggling nak tukar tube..hehehe..i remembered the first time you ever cycled..u borrowed my mountain bike and end up me and shazly had to fetch u somewhere in Tmn Tun..but now..need i say more?? makan asap jer lah dgn you..hehehe

Upiq said...

melecet celah bontot, badan tak larat, bonked, muka merah padam, nafas tak cukup, betis keras etc..

Oh yeah... i remember it well... those painful days where it all began...