Friday, July 18, 2008

Green light

It's two days before PD tri (as of yesterday). Preparation for race is going well.

I am very careful when comes to taking a good care of my beaten body. I will take all precautionary measures to ensure that my engine and its components are maintained properly. With the amount of mass that i am carrying, i just couldn't afford even a miniscule injury. Pain is good for performance improvement but we must also be wise enough to identify the type of pain we are facing. Pain due to injury is not good. Not good at all. I cant really explain how do you differentiate between the two pains but generally, pain due to injury gives you some excruciating feeling/seansation at the affected part/area.

Each time before i go for long rides, long runs and a host of other longs.. i will do a body pain check. It's like a musician doing sound check before a performance. If there's no red flag after the check, i will give my body system two thumbs up. A green light to go.

One of the ways, i will go for a quick short run. I would normally try to detect any breakdown symptoms every step of the way. I will be alert to leg muscles contraction, heavy breathing, heart rate fluctuation, upper body sustainability etc. Yeah, sounds macam bagus... I know.... My physical condition is no where near the fitness required by an Ironman but at least i want to have the discipline of managing my body accordingly.

So, yesterday i went for a quick 5.5km run at a slightly increased pace compared to my usual training pace at my usual training ground. For the first time in my life, i'd completed a 5km run without having to walk. Yeay..!!

Since the day i started exercising (a year ago..!!), there's this one evil uphill climb which i would normally succumb to. I have always had this desire and inkling that one day i will conquer her. Yesterday, i did it. My legs were holding up well and we attacked her with a vengeance.

It may sound a no big deal to some but to me, that's another mental barrier broken to pieces.

I got home with a PB of 36mins burning 1427kcal. The timing is still slow but surely i'd improved in this one year.

Timing is not my concern for now as i am only gunning for the finishing line irregardless how long it would take for me to get there.

I think my body is ready to go to PD.


Dancing Ciken said...

wow upiq! mari kita gegarkan PD!

make sure today u rest and feel fresh on the race day

Upiq said...

Dulu i selalu kena ejek... setiap kali i nak duduk, member2 akan buat aksi gegaran dan dorang akan pretend cam ader earthquake once my butt hit the chair.

Will do... today and tomoro i rest fully. maybe going for a swim with family for water feel.