Thursday, July 17, 2008

Feeling fine

Went to Bukit Jalil again yesterday and im tellin you that the LRT worked like wonders. I'm now an official LRT fan.

I left office after marghrib prayers but i was able to reach the pool around 8pm. that's what i call efficient public transport. I'm beginning to contemplate whether coming to office, i should just ditch the car and the petrol after all.

anyway, i did a swimming workout after reading some drills on the net. I know it's a bit late now as PD tri is just around the corner but i suppose better start now than never.

All in all, i did an hour of speed drills while applying some freestyle techniques i'd learnt last nite. I dunno whether i am getting closer to experience water feel but i did felt calm and comfortable in the water.

I must say that im shooting all over the place as it's not easy training alone. No proper guidance and no proper supervision. You just dont know whether what you are doing it right or wrong. However, pushing myself to train and getting my arse into the pool without being told in some way a type of mental training too. A year ago, i would rather going to meaningless teh tarik and roti-telur-double!-kuah-campur-banjir! sessions than grinding in pain during training.

I am feeling great at the mo. I'm not sure whether i am ready or had trained enough for PD but i am definitely not as nervous as in the week before A'famosa. Hopefully, everything will go fine.


keat said...

"... am feeling great at the mo..", perlah...cakap cam siot...hehe.

anyway, may d force b with u la babe. juz take it easy. btw, u tak miss i ker sejak u pindah ke MISC tu? hehehe

Upiq said...

Haha.. ko jeles ek at the mo?

Thanks mate. I really hope i can reach the finish line with any untoward incident.

Miss you? yikes... you sound like the TLDM couple.

jim said...

no worries my fren.... just reach the finish line in 1 piece.... good luck