Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Lain kali jgn nakal

This was what happened last Friday nite.

I was having a wonderful dinner at DBC's before my son got into a nasty accident. He was playing with other kids and suddenly i saw him lying face down on the driveway. I dunno what exactly caused the accident but there was a mini-volcano like wound close to his rught eyelid and blood was gushing down all over his face.

We brought him to Pantai Hospital ER.

Worried father (and angry too cos the Dr was taking time to treat my son). Son in pain. Bloodied shirt.

Dr warded him and we spent the nite together. Kesian dia. He didnt sleep well.. selalu terkejut and menangis2... maybe due to the trauma he went through the nite before.

Tired looking father. Been holding his son for 2 hours and sakit tangan oredi. He was also pissed because he's been told that there was no experienced enough Dr around at the ER to perform the surgery.
The morning of the surgery. He was still in pain and in terrible mood. Father still holding his son.
Post-op. He was back to his ownself. Running and jumping around. Ultraman Dyna saved the day.


zulhassan said...

biasalah bebudak, anak aku pun pernah berdarah kat kepala jatuh basikal dan bila sampai klinik doktor tu ingat aku dera anak lak. Tension betul.

tanya anak aku 2-3 kali betul ke ni jatuh basikal ni? naper teruk sangat.

inamukhtar said...

Mama A'iq sempat lagi mengabadikan moment2 getir ye..hebat. Alhamdulillah semua dah ok, tengok muka dia paling last tu macam nothing happened je

Anonymous said...

That's a lot of blood! thank God he got better.

Anonymous said...

... scary bro. Thank God nothing serious.Nasib baik ada Ultraman Upiq ...


carebear said...

suka tgk muka pegang ultraman tu.. tak nampak sakit langsung!! heheh

Upiq said...

zul : year lar. biar dia belajar rasa sakit bila jatuh and lepas tuh insyallah dia akan bangun dengan lebih kuat, kan?

ina : mama a'iq mmg tak lekang ngan kamera dia. cam kekasih no.2 dia lak.

haza : Yeah. Byk giler. It was dripping like a leaking pipe and i could feel a cooling sensation on shoulder.

eraser : dalam sakit2 tuh, dia sempat lagi mintak bwk ultraman.

carebear : mmg kiutttttttt