Friday, July 11, 2008

Settling in

It's been almost two weeks now I'm working in the new company.

Initial impressions are :
  1. The interior of the office is much better than i'd expected. Vibrant colours.
  2. People are very friendly and helpful (so far larr...)
  3. General facilities are above average. The pantry is the best since i started working moons ago.
  4. I went to an away day activity and got to know the other colleagues within the office fairly quickly. Most of them, same wave length (very important..!!)Made a lot of friends in a jiffy.
  5. I have a sophisticated office phone and your ID will be tagged once you call me for the first time. Haha.. Now, I can ignore calls offering credit cards, insurance plans, time sharing plans etc. My previous phone semuanyer kodi, takde screen.
  6. Freeflow coffee (nescafe) and teh tarik are provided daily.
  7. Challenging assignments which will keep me busier than ever before.
  8. Distance from home is approx 12km. Season parking at an affordable rate but i have yet to drive to office coz my other car is still in the workshop.
  9. I have a choice of taking the LRT as both Putra and Star stations are within 5 mins walking to office. RM1.70 one-way. Very affordable and a very useful travelling option.
  10. On the 26th floor, the company provide a recreation facilities complete with a shower..!! Yeay...!!!
  11. Bukit Aman is just 2 mins drive. Double Yeay..!!
  12. Chin Woo is just 5 mins drive. Triple Yeay..!!!


Anonymous said...

Wah... bestnye... sounds like heaven babe... no need to drive is the beauty of them all (but still have to berebut in order to get into LRT but star should not be a problem as it is not as full as Putera)

keat said...

karikepalaikan...15min, plus jem, 30 mins...booooo. lol

OP Kam said...

pegi opis kayuh la bro. 12km is nothing.

Upiq said...

Anony : Not quite heaven yet but i must say that im not dragging myself to office anymore.

Keat : Kari kepala ikan punya pasal, time and distance are minor problem. Janji dapat kepala ikan merah. slurrppp....

Kam : I dont think cycling is a good option. wa dah survey. Traffic can be a dangerous hazard.