Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Water feel

On the way back from Ipoh, i learnt the term 'water feel'.

It is a term used in swim sport. Until now, I am stil unsure what's the meaning as one will only know what it means when he/she is technically sound in his/her swimming stroke. Plus, you need a swimming coach to guide you on how you execute the correct swimming stroke and feel the 'water feel'. As of now, i think 'water feel' is the sensation you get when your body is really connected with the water during stroking. Stroking as in swimming stroke tauuuuu... jangan pikir benda2 lain lak.

So, in the eagerness to self-educate, i went for swimming yesterday.

I left office quite late, thus, cheras pool was almost closed when i reached there.

I called IM Dicky and he's in Bukit Jalil. I was glad to know IM Azmar was there too.

Bukit Jalil has changed its pool timing and this had created some inconveniences to the regular visitors. However, for people who are latecomers.... like me.... the 8-10pm session is a blessing. It allows us to train after a long day in the office. I mean, it is a loss for some but a gain to others too.

I really suck in swimming. The only style i know is breaststroke. The slowest of all. It requires the least energy too. But it makes me feel like a mermaid. Hahaha...

Anyway, I did a combination of breaststroke and freestyle yesterday. Breaststroke for 30m and freestyle for 20m. I must admit my freestyle strokes uses a lot of energy and maybe the most inefficient. After 22 laps i decided to quit. Approx. 38mins. Damn slow.

Later, I went to look for IM Dicky and IM Azmar. Both of them gave some good tips on how to economise my freestyle strokes. I did an additional 2 laps with close supervision from IM Dicky. Under his watchful eyes, i ironed out my palm and arm entry, water pull back, gliding and lateral breathing.

Im going to bukit jalil again today to practice what ive learned yesterday and hopefully there will some improvements.


keat said...

what's their operating hours ah? emmm, do they hv these strict rules like wear cap and proper swim trunks?

Upiq said...

The evening sessions are :

5-730pm for public

730-8pm close

8-10pm for public

entrance fee.. RM4... tapi sbb ko tak hensem dorang charge additional RM2...