Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Big Bro

I dunno whether it's genetic, hereditary or plain disregard of good eating habit - almost all of my siblings have unfavourable BMI stats.

As individuals, we are generally active.... well, i mean we do play sports and do other mild physical sweating activities. The problem is but we are also good eaters. We love our food. We know the best eateries and when we have our own family gathering, be it at home or way, we WILL EAT..!! When we have our BBQ homemade dinner, not even Tony Roma's or Jake's can match our succulent steaks, lamb chops complete with homemade mashed potato, fries, delicious gravy, grilled garlic bread, multiple sauces and a host of desserts (oh yeahhh.. cheese cakes and kek batik).

However, in the last 10 years i think we'd 'outgrown' ourselves. Our lifestyle and eating habits have become a threat to our very own life.

We are just lucky that despite our humongous sizes, none of us has contracted any diseases (such as diabetes, hi-blood etc) yet.... maybe just yet.

My elder bro, Sher Khan, knowing something had to be done to correct the situation, he started this whole new lifestyle since February 2007. In short, he used to weigh about 125kg when he started and now, he is a proud 75kg man.

Later - myself, my sis, my lil bro and others got sucked into our new family culture and started our own weight loss and healthy life program.

For those of you looking for direction or guide, my big bro has just started his own blog to document his journey. I would recommend that you start reading and get inspired...!!! I CAN...


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