Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Genting walk 2008


It was the time of the year where some crazy heads made the annual pilgrimage to the casino city, Genting Highlands. Walk, run, crawl, bike, car etc. Name's your choice.

I did the walk last year and stopped short at Goh Tong Jaya. I reached there in 2hrs 20mins. Even then, it was an enormous physical and mental test for someone who weighed at 146kg. I was really looking forward to this event, just to see how much have i improved in the last 12months.
This year, we gathered again at Genting Sempah McD and I was pleased to see some 30-odd crazy nutheads wanting to conquer the GH clim again. At least i know, there are more people out there who are as crazy or crazier than me (yeah, one of them ran down alone after reaching the top at a freaking, chilly 230am!!). If i put RM100 on the table, which one would you choose - sleep or climb up to Genting Highlands? I bet 99% would have chosen the the earlier option.

Anyway, i started walking at slightly after 10pm. I had Fadil, Shazly, Deh 'O', Azmil, Akil, Jamil, Jason, Jason's friend in my group. it was as dark as ever and it's better to stay in a group rather than being a lone hero.

Sempat ambik gambar lagi. You can see everyone was excited.

Half-way thru Goh Tong Jaya. Notice the darkness? You cant see anything except the signboard.

Last year, at this point - my legs were cramping and hurting. Spirits were rattled too.

This year, still feeling great. No sign of cramping yet. Walking like a raging bull.

Genting Highlands from KM5. Im not sure whether you can see anything from this pic. From here onwards it was going down hill before a gradual climb towards GTJ. Thus i slow jogged to keep warm as the nite was getting colder.

I reached Goh Tong Jaya in approx 1hr 40 mins. New personal best. Yeay....

We then waited for the rest to come before attempting the final climb. We skipped the mamak and decided to proceed without refuelling any heavy.

The real deal starts here. This is where the real pain begins. Steep, continuous and no more flat nor dowhill. This what ive been training for. This is kind of challenge which will send my heart rate sky high. This is the test of my personal physical and mental character. My adrenalin raced through my veins with each step i took towards the top.

At 17KM, we had to negotiate many unforgiven steep bends and long steep terrain. At this point, the benefits from all the long and hard fitness training sessions bloomed as i overtook one after another. I kept pushing and presevered eventhough the muscle twitching kicked-in once in awhile.

I took great care on the nutrition intake from liquid refuelling to complex sugar (i had kismis and dates in my pouch..!!) to energy gel. Plus, I was carefully pacing myself as not to push too early and risk bonking later.

Triathlons have taught me to break-up a long journey into smaller parts and tackle it one by one. I think it's easier to keep your focus that way with each milestone has its own requirement and we must manage it according to plan. I suppose to have a right strategy plan that fits into your fitness and ability is crucial in completing any endurance sports.

At KM20 i.e. inside 1KM to the top, i had quite painful muscle twitch but i deep inside i knew i still had a lot of gas in the tank to complete the climb. The last KM was the steepest of all and every small step that i made will carry me closer to the finishing line. At that point of time, i had nothing in my mind except gunning for the peak.

The great Muhammad Ali once said,

"It isn't the mountains ahead to climb that wear you out; it's the pebble in your shoe."

True enough.

It was every ounce of energy manufactured by the millions mitochondria cells and the fire in my heart that will take me to reach my goals instead of size of the challenge. Not guts, no glory. I kept drumming my head with many great quotes and at times i uttered it quietly to myself - just to keep my mind away from any pain and focus on finishing the task at hand.

After 3hrs and 40mins, i reached the finishing line and regrouped at Starbucks Genting Highlands at around 230am. The most satisfying moment was when you realised that you had set a goal, planned your strategy, worked the plan and struck the goal.

Yummy. frappucino and mocha latte as rewards.

The crazy bunch who made it to the top.

Total journey time : 4hrs 02mins

Total walking time : 3 hrs 40mins

Total calorie burned : 7863kcal

Total distance : 21km

Total pride : Priceless


zulhassan said...

taniah upiq, minggu in insyaallah aku join juga buat benda giler ni :D

Anonymous said...

Well done bro! Im happy your enjoying yourself. See you agin this week

Doc ala usat

OP Kam said...

U r so much different compare to last year pic. Look more macho & handsome too.

Upiq said...

Zul & Ala, wa tak sure lagi mau pegi ke idak...

Kam, wa tak sehensem lu bro. Lu siap ada awek wat lap dance lagi... haha

yipwt said...

cool man...see u tonite. It's definitely a great achievement for you.!

I am thinking of running down as well...