Friday, September 12, 2008

Holy cow...

Status update....

Jun 2007
Weight : 158.7kg/350 pounds
Fat Mass : 88.71kg/195 pounds
Free Fat Mass : 70.0kg/154 pounds

Sept 2008
Weight : 112.4kg/247 pounds
Fat Mass : 37.0kg/ 81 pounds
Free Fat Mass : 75.4kg/ 166 pounds

Total weight loss : 46.3kg / 102 pounds
Total Fat Loss : 51.7kg / 114 pounds
Total Muscle Gained: 5.4kg / 12 pounds

Still have more work to do...


big easy said...


you rock.

sorry couldn't be there last night.

i rode however. very late.


Anonymous said...

46.3kg. That's my weight masa anak dara dulu (which is impossible to get back now that I'm 37)! lose one whole me! You must've a huge magnitude of self discipline, esp tang I've read from your posts. Nasi is actually my weakness. Anyway thanks for inspiring us.

Upiq said...


Yeah... hahah... it's so unsangkarable.

Well, i use to despise nasik but lately i have learned about the importance of carbohydrates and it's nutritional properties especially during recovery and adjusted my regime accordingly. I must say it's working well.

However, though i have lost one whole you, i'm still as big as a bull laden with unwanted fats.