Monday, August 18, 2008

D.Damai-Bt Arang-D. Damai

When almost everyone were doing Desaru and i had to skip it - i was left with almost nothing planned for the weekend.

Thusk far, i have been cycling mostly around southern KL routes.

For a change, i went cycling with my friend from the uni days, Tabira the Lone Ranger (i was told he rides alone most of the time). We havent met for a long time and it's ironic that we met on the comfort of the skimpy saddle.

Anyway, we rode together and left his house in Damansara Damai around 8am. We were talking and chit chatting, catching up on the loss time of friendship when suddenly a train from TBB passed us and rallied us to follow them to Puncak Alam. We followed the fast peloton (cruising at 35-40km/h) and i was struggling to keep pace with them. Up until Sg Buloh, we ditched them and turned into Kundang and headed straight to Batu Arang.

We stopped at a stall and refuelled. A few minutes later, it rained. Darn.

It was quite a long stop because we were still chatting and remisnicing the good old days and updating each other on the latest development. However, the rain didnt stop.

Well, we decided to weather the rain and cycled back. the stall patrons must be thinking we were crazy to ride back in that condition. I hate cycling while it's raining. It's wet, dirty, slippery, reduced visibility etc. However, we had no choice but to ride on coz Tabira had to go to work around noon at we have to be back before then.

On the way back, we climbed an oil palm hill and was rewarded with a beautiful scenery as we reached the top. From there, we turned into the main road which was quite flattish all the way. Tabira and me took turns to lead and we were cruising 30-35km/h. Tabira was a quite a fast rider (to my standard larr) and anything below 30kmh was slow for him. So, I tried to hang on while sticking to the biggest chain ring for as long as possible. This would be a good training opportunity, i thot. Cranking the pedal on the biggest ring for a sustainable period of time can really squeeze every bit of your leg muscles and the speed training was one helluva workout.The after effects stayed on my thighs right till the next day. Lunyai beb...

Traffic were quite heavy as we reached Sg Buloh and can sometime be dangerous. We held on together until we reached Damansara Damai.

Total distance : approx 67.5km
Total time : 3hrs 15mins
Total ride time : 2hrs 15 mins
Total calorie burned : 4237 kcal

I went home feeling satisfied.

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