Monday, August 11, 2008


On Sunday, i woke up around 530am and felt i had to do something.

My legs were still tired after the long ride the day before but i've told myself i needed to do a long run this weekend to see whether i've got the legs for next weekend.

Since i have no firm plans like others who're running at KOTR, Malakoff Penang Run, Genting Sempah ride etc i pondered my options at the edge of the heavenly bed.

Finally, I decided to surprise my mom.

After a light breakfast of oats and kismis, i left the house at 630am. I brought a Powerbar, 1 Powergel, dates and plain water.

It was another those efforts when i slayed my demons. Running alone around Alam Damai towards Bandar Tun Hussien Onn, exited at Kajang Highway, turned into Sungai Sekamat junction and finally reached my mom's house.

Legs were weak but spirits were sky high. I'd never imagined that one day i be running to mom's house for breakfast on Sunday morning.

My mom actually thought that i'd cycled there but she was shocked to find out that i ran there.

I was hoping to get at least 15km oso but it fell short. It was only around 13km and it took me 1hr 32mins. very very slow. The good thing was i still had my Powerbar and Powergel in my pocket unlike before where for a normal 10km run, i would have gulped two gels and an isotonic drink.

I burned approx 3117 kcal which gave a good total of calories burned for the weekend.

later, i went to play 2 hours of badminton with family and burned another 1987 kcal.

I spent the whole evening with family watching Olympics and had nap towards the evening. A deserving rest for the overly trained muscles.

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zulhassan said...

best best, lari ke umah mak memang best :D