Monday, April 6, 2009

UK Perdana - Genting Sempah (4/4/09)

It was the first time i am trying this route.

I was told that to leave SK's house at 7am but unfortunately, it was 7am from Petronas at simpang wangsa maju. So, i sampai lambat larrr. In all the chaotic preparation, unnoticedly i had left my 'food' in the car.

SK and Jason blazed their way to meet Bandit and his friend at the Petronas station. From there, the train whizzed to an average of 30-33kmh. I was cursing left and right what's goin on with these people hitting top gear so soon and so early. Lil that i knew that the train had to pick up more passengers at HOA - Dr, Jamil and Saifuddin.

Anyway, by the time we scaled towards Genting Sempah, it was already 8 something. No more mist, no more cooling.

Being the first timer here, i wasnt sure what to expect from the climb. I decided to pace myself only. The route is not as scenic but longer than Genting Peres. The last few kms were quite challenging with many short, steep and sharp bends. Those with physical power will have no problem but i had to summon my mental strength to pull through. I could feel the accumulation of acid lactic as i mashed the pedal. Slightly more than 1 hour, we reached the top. Jamil and Jason had kindly enough waited patiently for our arrival.

After 10mins break, we ride down. It was fast and furious at certain corners and there were a lot more cars plying this route compared to Peres making it a lil bit dangerous to 'syok sendiri' with the downhill.

Anyway, in the absence of my 'food' - i felt a bit hungry as we reached HOA again. We have another 20km to go home but we didnt stop for refuelling. A big mistake.

On the way to UIA, Jason hit top gear again with SK and me trailing him. Bloody hell. Tak padan kecik tapi lagi gilos. I dropped Saifuddin as we reached the left turn traffic light going towards UIA. At the same point, i'd finished my water bottle. I was cursing quietly to myself for not refuelling at HOA.

True enough, by the time we scale the slight uphill at MRR2 going towards Ulu Kelang, my stomach started growling already. Energy was very slow and the heat was immense. I was looking for a pump station but couldnt find one.

We eventually stopped at a store just before zoo negara but it was too late as my tank was really empty and dehydrated. As we climbed back to UK Perdana, yes -the last evil climb, my left thigh went strike. Cramped.

It's been awhile since the last time i cramped and let this be a lesson that next time to make sure that i have the 'food' before any ride. Nutrition mesti jaga for the body to function properly. 2nd lesson was not to panic went i had cramped. Be patient and let the muscle relax again.

Anyway, it was generally a good moderate heavy duty work-out due to the speed work we did to and fro. Total distance was only 70km but the searing heat made it quite a challenge.

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