Friday, June 13, 2008

Lazy bum

For the past three weeks, training has been haphazard and his week has been the worst of all. Zero training so far.

On top of that, I am back to being a couch potato. The idiot box has never so tempting lately. How can one resist sitting on the comfy sofa munching away keropok lekor or sotong kering while watching great 3-hour match-ups such as ferocious Nadal vs joker Djokovic, whitewashed Federer and beauty Ana holds aloft the clay court holy grail?

This week - Euro footie is on tv and Cristiano Ronaldo is weaving his magic making the Real Madrid directors salivate over him while pushing Sir Alex's patience to the limit.

Sigh. Sigh. Sigh. Excuses. excuses. excuses.

Wifey is back from a 2-week plus outstation. I must get back into training asap or else all the hard work will go down the drain.

Gotta to kick my butt out of the bed in exchange with a saddle.

Genting Peres, ive never ridden on you. This weekend im gonna see you twice.

I suck big time whenever climbing and an even bigger sucker when i had to drop. I must learn on how to love caressing gently to the peak.

From now on, hills, hills and hills.

Pain, pain, pain.


doris 桃利思 said...

Keep going!

I slacked too, and now want to pick up again...


jim said...

Jangan malas....

Upiq said...

Doris : Yeah, it's easy to slide into our comfort zone once we break the rhythm. It's even harder to pick up the pace again.

Jim : Thanks bro. I really need the reminder.