Monday, June 2, 2008


545 am. Received sms from Chief Kutu that he's not going to run. Tired after yesterday's century ride.

Oh well, i almost turned the car after receiving the message. However, what i do to then? Head to mamak for roti canai? Watch sun rise from KLCC? ishhh... no larrr... anyway, i just bought NB 1223 and might as well i give it a test albeit a short run.

6am i reached Bukit Aman carpark.

Met Abu, Fairuz and Md Nor. Jakul arrived 5 mins later.

I started running around 6:05am.

My legs were wobbly. Battered. I think i was still recovering from the century ride the day before. Breathing was heavier than normal. In short, i was struggling.

The thought of ditching the run was hovering in my mind.

However, i kept it going and near Tijani 2 - Jakul catched up with me and we ran towards the Jalan Duta tennis centre.

I asked Jakul, "Go ahead. Im gonna turned back at the Jalan Duta fly-over. Jello legs."

He went off.

At the fly-over, i looked back. No sight of Abu and the gang. I looked in front, Jakul was running up the Jln Duta Govt's office hill. I looked down, at my new shoes and asked myself why i bought them. I started running again. Alone. Im used to it.

I continued running until the next fly-over, the PLUS fly-over and decided to turn back. Some say, it's about 7-7.5km until that point. I thot of saving my legs as i have a 2 hour badminton session later.

Ran back to the Bukit Aman carpark and saw Simon Cross, Shilpa and AJ along the way.

By now, my throat was very thirsty and i was looking around, hoping that i would find a roadside water pipe to re-hydrate. My luck was not good. There's nothing along the way.

I presevered and kept it going while running and walking to the carpark.

Distance : 14-15km.
Time : 2:03 hrs
Calories burned: 3826 kcal

Went to tanglin and had iced coffee. sedap siol.

Later, went to play badminton with my family. 8 sets. another 2 hours of sweating session.

Puassss.... petang jaga anak and tido.

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Anonymous said...

At Bukit Tunku there's one of the big bungalows with a guard post, if I'm not mistaken the name Rajmin is on the gate. Look out for a hose in the outside small garden, it could be on. I drank there once.