Thursday, June 19, 2008

Kiss my bottom.. Youuuuuuuu....!!

Today, i got a rude shock phone call from wifey at 7:15am.

Wifey : Yang, kete i kena langgar larr. I kat simpang.
Me : Ok. I datang skrg jugak.

Luckily, i was still at home.

I got to the simpang 10 mins later and wifey had pulled over to the trafficless adjacent road. Apparently, a blardy stupid white coloured Toyota Wish banged my wifey's car arse. The stinky thing was the arsehole Toyota Wish hit wifey's car when the traffic light was red and she rammed at a high speed. Mabuk ke hape...?

I was told that the lady who drove the blardy stupid white couloured Toyota Wish came out and talked like someone who's still in hangover. Rupa2 nyer memang mabuk pon. Cisss..

She begged my wife not to report to the police that she's drunk or else she'll be taken to jail. Yeah right, as if i'm in a compromising mood. Kalau ko kena masuk jail pon, pedulik hape aku..?

Anyway, the blardy stupid arsehole Toyota Wish kissed wifey's car and wife's car kissed another car infront, a Citra. Wifey's car was sandwiched between two SUVs. Kesian MyVi tuh. Threesome styled, if you like.

Kiss your arse.

The blardy stupid arsehole. The culprit. Ada hati nak ajar bini wa camne nak report kat polis.

Her bottom got kissed too. Banged, actually.

This was how her bottom looked like at the workshop. Sexy no more. Stripped butt naked.

I settled everything about 2pm - police report, collect car registration certificate, file insurance claim and visit the workshop. Hassle. Hassle. Hassle. Took EL today.

What's making me mad was wifey is a preggie. 8 weeks now. She felt a persistent pain in the stomach and doesnt looked she in comfort throughout the ordeal. I took her to the clinic to ensure everything is fine.

God is gracious. Dr diagnosed and did an ultrasound scan. Everything is ok. Foetus is in good condition. Alhamdullilah.

The gift of the day was....I saw the heart beat. Twinkling slowly yet consistent. If you can see on the left side of the scan image above, the foetus is laying inside the slightly out of shape oval like envelope. I was smiling and felt a sense of relief and a pint of happiness.

What a way to end if not a quite miserable day.

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