Friday, December 12, 2008

Sick again

The past three weeks had not been kind to me.

was hit down by a bout of tonsilitis, diarheaa and flu.

Needed a few more extra resting days to come to full recovery.

when i recovered, managed to crank in a few good swimming and cycling sessions with extended hours on tennis. But then, the joy did not last long as i succumbed to another bout.

this time around - bad cough complete with slimey greenish phlegm, flu with irrirating blocked nose and fever again.

Worse still, the monsoon is here. Raining almost every evening and sometimes in the morning too. Wet, wet and very wet.

Training routines were affected. Motivation is low.

Foe some reason, kicking my arse out of the bed early in the morning seemed so difficult. I'm hooked on House, Heroes, Amazing Race, Asia Food Channel, late nite footie and slowly i'm becoming a couch potato. Eating appetite is huge - Kudu, weekly fish head curry with extra servings of spicy fried chicken, laksa, maggi mee, nasi dagang etc - you name it, i cant hold it back this time around.

Nothing went right larrr, friends. Off-tangent from my normal schedule.

I guessed when the body system goes haywire, your routines also become a rojak.

I dunno what you call the situation i am in now. I've been searching on the net to decipher it but i couldnt find anything convincing.

If i cant find anything convincing, i can only blame myself for not being discipline to stick to my routines.


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