Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Babah and Mama are nervously waiting for your arrival.

We have got everything possible ready to welcome you to the world including minyak telon (i love pronouncing the word telon.. telon. telon.. haha). Mama had been shopping and god knows how many pink dresses she had bought for you.

Every day and every night, we were talking about you and we hope you are listening. Your Lala (means elder brother in Urdhu), is accepting well that he'l will no longer be the only jewel in our family.

This is where you will sleep. Very soon.

Everything is set. Hope you'll like it!! Even your bouncing net is in pink.

Lala helping Babah preparing your essentials. Though Lala Faiq can be a bit naughty at times but Babah know for sure that he will take good care care of you. I am sure, Lala will screen test all your hopeful suitors before letting them see Mama and Babah.

We'll see you next week, ya..!! In the meantime, be a good girl and stop kicking your Mama. If possible, try swimming around and save your Mama from a belly cut.

Happy. Happy. Happy.


J said...

ha ah cepatla.. bobo pun tak sabar ni! :P

bola2api said...

mendoakan semua selamat for the delivery..insya allah

Dancing Ciken said...

where the gambar la???

sunshine said... sweettt!