Thursday, December 18, 2008


I am reduced to minimal training in the past few weeks. Hence, i am confined to BT18 route for the time being.

Anyway, after the Double Hill the day before - i went cycling with a group of tourers namely Azmar, Wendy, Boh, Harun, Saifuddin and 3 others.

I started from BT14 at about 7am and met the rest at BT18 car park.

One after another trickled to the carpark and we left just before 8am.

We were going very slowly and at the Simpang Tiga, Saifuddin and his friend decided to scale Peres. The rest left for Tekala.

On the way to Tekala, Azmar and me played with the big crank. I was pulling him between 30-33kmh all the way before Tekala downhill. It was really a good workout and knowing that I am training personally with an Ironman, it provides additional motivation to push to the limit. Azmar didnt let me rest, pushing and hounding my back. Each time i slowed down, he pushed me again. Azmar is a great guy and i knew he was doing it only for the best of our interest.

We got to Tekala in about 20mins. My PB, to say the least.

In Tekala, we rested for awhile and waited for the others for regrouping.

We ride back at around 9am.

I was struggling on the short but steep climb near the dam (maybe due to the earlier sprinting workout) but i felt good to be able to maintain cadence on the same gear (not the lowest gear masa tu).

Along the way back, i was playing catch-up with the others. The tourers, even though most of them are 10-20 years older than me but do not underestimate their strength. They can put anybody to shame without much problem.

Anyway, after going down Simpang Tiga, i caught up with Wendy and Boh. We did a peloton. Wendy and Boh jumped and stayed behind me. I was pulling at 33-35kmh and the short train was blazing the tarmac. After a while, it was only Boh behind me. Wendy backed down.

I tell you, this Boh is a very strong veteran. He kept pushing and pushing me from behind. At times we were blazing around 35-38kmh. I stayed motivated knowing that Boh is willing to assist me in the workout. There was not a single moment where we held back the speed. We went all the way to BT18 town. We got there in less than 20mins.Another great workout.

After the BT18 bridge, i went straight to BT 14 and warmed down 2km before the traffic light.

I clocked 60km only but a worthy 20km of speed training.

I drove back to BT18 and met the other for breakfast.

The best was, my legs felt nothing. Holding up well and burned a good 3587kcal along the way.