Thursday, December 18, 2008

Double Hill

I had never knew the Double Hill route. Simply because whenever i wanted to follow the others to run the route, 1 km into the run - they are already gone!! i ended up finding my own route and came back alone.

However, last week they invited me to run the again. I accepted knowing what's the outcome already.

Dicky, Bacin, Azmar, Bacin's friends, SK and yours truly gathered at Bukit Aman car park. After a toilet break hiccup (sakit perut arrr), we left around 645am.

After 1km, except for SK, the rest disappeared oredi. SK promised to go slow and accompany me after i told him i've never done double hill. I doubted it.

However, he stayed to his words.

We were going so slow and SK demonstrated the speed i was going was a fast as he was brisk walking. But it's okay he said. The idea was not about going fast cathing the others but rather to stay on hopping and slow running for the whole distance without walking. Endurance.

Went we got the the first hill, i was in awe looking at the steep terrain. Cursing oredi. However, we stayed at the same speed or maybe slighly slower due to the uphill climb and got to the top. The same thing with the 2nd hill. The difference was - i wasnt cursing.

It's painful but a very important training.

We spoke, we gossip, we bitched about others. One hour and 20 minutes later, we got back to the car park.

I did not manage to run the whole distance without walking eventhough SK kept pushing me to the limit. However, it was my longest running without walking session ever.

Now, I know what i can do.

Thanks, SK.

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