Friday, December 26, 2008

Ask no more, please...

A : U? Cycling?
Upiq : Yeah. sometimes.

A : How far?
Upiq : Depending on the group i ride with. Sometimes more than 100km.

A: Whoaa?! are you serious?
Upiq : Yeah. can be quite intense, sometimes. Cramping and all.

A : U ride MTB?
Upiq : No.

A : U ride with the racing bike? with the skinny tyre? the one you need to crouch you know?
Upiq : Yeah. that's the only bike i have unless you wanna see me riding on my 3-year old son taiwan-made bike.

A : are you sure you can ride the racing bike?
Upiq : Yeah. i told you oredi. (upiq dah start bosan)

A : the racing bike, you know? are you serious? tak pancit ker tayar tuh? (i knew he will ask this question)
Upiq : Yeah. tayar pancit? It happens.

A : What do you wear? T-shirt and shorts?
Upiq : Yeah. Cycling jersey they call it.

A : U mean, those tight fitting clothes with sponsors all over it.
Upiq : Yeah. (upiq dah bosan nak jawab soklan2 camni.)

A : Ko bleh muat ker jersey tuh? (again, i knew it. Some people just can resist it, huh?)
Upiq : Habis tuh?! (Upiq dah makin bosan)

A : I dont believe it, larr. U and this cycling thingy.
Upiq : Mampus ko larrrr. Pedulik aper aku. Nak tanyer sgt, biler dah bagitau, tak nak caya plak. (Upiq dah tak tahan ngan mamat nih and terus blah)

to that special person, nahhhhhhh... tengok sendiri.. naik bukit lagi!! and this photo was taken only yesterday.... i know i'm fat tapi kalau berani jom arr naik Peres.... kalau tak berani, get out of my life!

Dahhhh... Upiq dah malas nak jawab soklan2 camnih... buang masa aku jerr...

However, to those who genuinely wants to know more, i dont mind answering those questions. Infact, please ask more. I'l share with you.

tapi kalau setakat nak tanya, pastuh nak tunjuk tere... tak payah larr.... nih contoh orang dalam Category D.

Im sorry if the posting sounds a lil disturbing but i need to let it out from my system.

Also today is 26/12/2008, Boxing Day, Friday and there's only 4 people out of approx 40 in the ofis..!! urrgghh...


J said...

betui betui
tak ske org yang ckp cam terer je.. cam la dia buat.. ekeleee hehehe

Azly Anwar @ Bandit said...

fuck the bugger! annoying nak mampus..

i also hate it when people doubt my abilities.. yeah, i'm fat.. but you don't have to be skinny to enjoy life, hang out with friends and ride a bike..

next time engkau jumpa mamat tu, please give him a tight slap for me- do it RATNAM STYLE!

OP Kam said...

Dude... print your blog address in your business card. Let they see for themselves how fit are you.

Azman said...

Argghh!! Aku baca aku pulak yang emo. Takpe Upiq, for every person who annoys you, there's another hundred who know how inspirational you are. :)

Dancing Ciken said...

upiq, u're the cutest! mari kita gegarkan kepala orang itu

Upiq said...

Thanks for the support guys..!!

I wrote the thread because i know he will read my blog eventually.. (latest, my fren told me that he saw this guy's opened my blog late morning).. if you're reading this, eat your words..!!

Positively, thanks to this guy, i'm quite fired up and looking forward to broga this coming sunday.

I will have him in my virtual memory bank whenever i feel like quitting...

It's the mind that will take the body forward..

Anonymous said...

Upiq, one of the ultimate satisfactions in life is proving to those who say you can't that they are wrong.

Happy riding. :)

emjay said...

give that person a nice lil cyclin' spankin' @ his bottom. ouch! -emjay-

Anonymous said...

Hi Dude,

ilek ahhh sak kok dulu...
wat ilek je..enjoy life & have fun.

unholy alliance

yipwt said...

hehe...he yet to know how much power you got in the legs...

zulhassan said...

lepang je org macam tu.... geram lak aku baca :(

bola2api said...

bukan kau jer tau.. aku yg rupa camni pun ada yg tak caya.

tapi bila tgk gambo, terus terdiam hehe