Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Dec 08

It's been awhile i had such a long vacation from work.

Since i'm on leave today and nowadays, whenever i'm not working, i can no longer wake-up late. My eyes were already wide open at 530am.

I looked out the window. Nice weather ahead.

I prepped up, did my dawn solat and left the house.

The intention was to do a 12km, 2-loops around my neighbourhood. However, driven by excess adrenalin rush lately, i ended up doing 20km. It been awhile since the last time i ran that far but the difference now, i am walking much much less than before. The pain was almost the same but the difference now, the pain tasted much sweeter.

Did i enjoy my run? NO. I have never like running and i am still struggling to enjoy it.

However, running mileage has crept up quite a bit in the past fortnight. Infact, overall training intensity had gone a notched up a bit. I have been training non-stop in the last 9 days without a rest. The craving for training is back. I am not sure why. Must be the many holidays and opportunity to do a bit more than usual.

This month, running mileage, 93km. Cycling mileage approx 420km. Swimming, 2.8km. Weight loss, minimal. Weird.

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upiq ur da bomb!