Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Broga, it's a classic

Menu : Broga Pondan
Actual : Broga Jantan

Heard nothing but only nasty things about it.

136.7km. 4IM, 1IM trainee, 2 fatso, scorching heat, 3 lung-bursting-muscle-wrenching climbs, slippery wet going up reverse Peres, superb camaraderie and one objective.

I rolled out telling myself, "I need to tame and rest my fear".

I came back in one piece and did just that.

Top of Peres. We did it.

With IM Shazly, the mastermind. He provides the route overall strategic outlook and the essentials needed to survive the ride.

Kam, our 'guardian' throughout the ordeal.

He provides a sense of safe and security to our mind.

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yipwt said...

congrats..baru jantan..ahaha....