Friday, December 12, 2008

Aidiladha ride & swim

On the eve of Eid Adha, my bro and i went doe a ride. Lil' bro bought his own cycling shorts..!!! So, to further add fire to his enthusiasm, i decided to call off all other training arrangements and decided to accompany him. His work horse is the 'borrowed' MTB from a dear Dr friend of mine which until now (it's been almost a year), i havent returned to him. Poor him and bad me.

The menu was: Bt14-BT18-Tekala-BT18-BT14 (7+11+10+10+11+7= 56km)

My lil' bro's PB was 36km. Thus, it would be a new PB if he can complete the ride.

Actual : BT14-BT18-Half-way Tekala- Bt18 - BT14 (7+11+5+5+11+7 = 46km + 4km = 50km)

Lil' bro didnt complete the course, though. we had to discount the ride coz :
1. He slept late the night before, thus, didnt have enough rest resulting in a ride discount. half-way to tekala and turned back.
2. On the way back, 4 km to BT18 - his MTB tyre decided to retire. Punctured. I had to rescue, backtracking about 2km to locate him and ride back to BT14 alone. Additional 4km there.

Lil' bro resting at Simpang Tiga. Look at the mist at the back. we were that early bursting our bottom early Sunday morning. he set his target, but short of 1km of his PB. Nevermind, next time we make sure we break the wall.

After the rescue mission was accomplished, we lepak for nasik lemak at the normally humble BT18 nasik lemak roadside stall. But not today, folks from nearby villages came out in throngs to do last minute raya essentials shopping.

Pekan BT18 was buzzing with traders and buyers meeting at one point. Here, I bought ayam 'pencen' too, RM10 per bird (mahal siotttttt...!) for raya rendang. My small contribution to the local economy.

And of course, one activity not to be missed at BT18. Our usual 'natural' spa. very refreshing.

His first taste of the nature's wonderful gift.

This BT14 parking lot. Full of traders and buyers too.

I saw this.

..... and bought 2kgs of ribs. Another contribution to the local economy. Mind you, it's not lembu but korbau. I had soup tulang for dinner... Haha

My bro, wanting to compensate the lack of mileage, we decided to go for a swim the same evening. I taught him my lil' knowledge about swimming and he started to swim freestyle better than ever. Spoke to him about Ironman and 'bakar' his curiosity further... haha..

A good end to an otherwise lack of training week. We cycle and we swim. Biathlon our own way.

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