Friday, November 28, 2008

Out of the blue

Ive been sick for the past 5 days.

tonsilitis. fever. diarrhea. all at once.

At its peak, i was shivering and sweating whole nite long. Eating pattern had gone haywire too. Most of the time, no appetite plus it's quite painful to swallow any solid food. Warm water can be a pain too.

Good thing is.. ive got enough rest. though it can be a painfu and uneasy rest but at least my body has time to recover from all the previous beatings and lost some valuable weights (muscles it is!!) along the way. I must start eating good food again and rebuild what ive lost.

just nice before the weekend starts.


dochisyam said...

the combination of sore throat, loose stools point out to a viral infection. I hope you did not take antibiotics, it won't help. In fact may worsen it. Minum air banyak banyak, makan panadol, baca novel and watch discovery channel for the weekend
Ala usat

zulhassan said...

harap-harap dah sembuhlah ya.. bro.

Upiq said...

Doc & zul - thanks mates.