Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Cheras-Putrajaya ride

On friday nite, i played golf until mid-nite and got home around 1am. Went to bed around 130 am.

i knew i am going to be knackered if i join the Saturday without enough rest but stubborn as i am, i woke at 515am, prepped up and just when i was about the leave my house - the rain started pouring. Darnnnn.... I should have tucked myself in the bed rather than dwelling whether i should brave the rain.

In such situation, i summoned the 'I CAN' mantra. You actually have to summon the courage dep inside you and push yourself out of the house. No one can help you here. It's DIY. DO-IT-YOURSELF. The next thing i knew, i was on the road around 6am. The plan was to catch-up with the Rawalpindi express at the exit near Bukit Jalil before 620am. I managed to get there around 615am and waited for the train.

10mins, 15mins, 20mins - not sign of any train stopping by. I smsed and called the pilot - no answer. after 30mins of waiting, i continued to the Putrajaya toll as i am not sure who's waiting for who. the train might had passed already.

It was a dark, cool and lonely ride to the toll. I was hoping nothing bad will happen to me coz until today, i have no idea how to handle any mechanical breakdown. Yeah, lame excuse. i know.

Anyway, as i reached the toll, still no sight of the Rawalpindi express. I checked with the toll collector whether she'd seen any train passing by, she said no. Hmmmm.... i refueled larrr.

Putrajaya toll. The one and only stop and no refuelling station nearby.

Resting. heart rate dropped to relax level. Still no sight of the train.

After 45 mins of waiting, i saw Azmar and Laif. a moment later, Julie and Kam. Got to know the pilot's turbular wheels punctured causing the train delay.

Anyway, we proceed to KLIA toll at Putrajaya exit and on the way to the toll we were pushin at times hitting 38km/h with an average speed of 30km/h. It was fun.

On the return leg, i was quite tired already and the effect of lack in resting started to kick-in. I slowed down and let the rest continue to the finish line.

All in all there were 13 climbs. A good route with a combination of flats and climbs. My thighs were put to test to its limit.

I exited at the Bukit Jalil and reached home around 1000am.

Total distance : approx 80km.

Ride time : 2 hrs 42 mins.

Calorie burned : 3756kcal

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Noor Ain said...

perghh abg fiq. sungguh ku kagum @_@