Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Long long time ago

I had trouble finding shorts. Mainly because shorts are not made to fit people of my size. Sports shorts to be precise.

Hence, most of my beachwears became my sports shorts.

Last week, all my beachwear koyak kat celah kangkang and i had to find one. An enormous challenge, for sure.

The last time i had any branded shorts was like 18 years ago. Long long time ago....

Last weeked, i went to RSH and tried the above. Size XL and god is gracious, i fit them..!!!!! Wait no more, i grabbed it instantly.

It's been a long and winding road with lotsa painful challenges. It maybe not a big deal to some and nothing to shout about but it's definitely one of the more significant moments of my life.


J said...

gimme your scuba suit, i am sure its big for you now :P

Azad said...

A'kum Upiq,

I'm proud of you and I've 'used' you as my inspiration to exercise. Fyi, I'm big too @ 95kg (used to be 99kg in Jan08) until a 'big' friend of same age had a heart attack (he's 120+ kg) and I decided enough is enough. Jamil helped too when he showed me a picture of you completing the 2007 triathlon. I thought if you can do it, I can too.

Thanks bro and keep it up. I hope to race with you someday - maybe try to catch up as well. Hehe.

Upiq said...

J - amiklarrr... pinjam je tau...

Azad - I glad my 'journey' has inspired you in a positive way. I never thot my small adventure would have an effect on others. Until now, i am still struggling with my weight and the journey still far from the end.

yeah, i hope we can meet sometime in the future. Join us whenever you have the time.

keep it up!!

Stupe said... that meaning underwear sexy can buy and wear already.