Tuesday, November 25, 2008

VIP nite

Last week, i had a dream come true experience.

Imagine being ushered personally from the main gate until the dining hall. The buffet spread was prepared by Mandarin Oriental, megalicious. Dignitaries from the upper class society eating on the next table, smiling at you. After eating, the usherer ushered us to our box seat. I felt like im walking on cloud nine. Maybe this is how the rich and famous being treated out there.

All these happened at the National Putra Stadium. Yes. a stadium, renovated to fit a tennis court so that champions of 2 eras mesmerised the 6000-odd fans. I love the sport. To an avid fan like me, it was an opportunity of a lifetime..!!

We were sitting so close to the players that even if the players chose to pluck their nostrils hair, you can witness it in person.

Subsequent photos were taken using phone camera without zooming capabilities.

The tonggek man. Dekat giler, kan?

The evergreen.

Side line seating. How do you top this? Felt like David Beckham watching US Open finals.

The person who made it happened was non-other than the great TSB/Kharis/Chomel. thanks bro..!! terima kasih daun keladi, kalau ader jgn lupa bagi lagi.

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big easy said...

masak asam keladi cili api.

next year, sharapova.

but not before i can get a personal session with her a week before the match.