Saturday, May 17, 2008


Ever since A'famosa, my training had suffered a bit due to work and family commitments. Most of the training revolved around recovery and picking the pace again. Light training, mostly involving cardio work. No strength nor intense activity.

I was supposed to join the 3-day interstate Malakoff Charity Ride from KL to Kuala Terengganu (460km) but had to abort the plan due to family commitments.

Anyway, many had asked me how's my daily diet like. What do i eat, what do i drink etc etc. It's hard for me to provide detail account of what i eat but basically, i eat 6 times a day. 6 controlled portion meals combining the essentials needed for a wholesome diet. In short,
  • i avoid 100% of any kind boxed or canned food i.e. processed food.
  • i try very very hard to avoid starch, man made sugar in food & drinks. 0% intake of white bread, nasi lemak, roti canai, teh tarik and as such.
  • i try hard to avoid oily and fried stuff especially deep fried food (i must admit this is difficult task especially when dealing with the many delicious local fares. However, once in a while i'l just close an eye and grab the chicken wings).
  • I eat nuts or fruits for in-between-snack meal. Mostly, roasted nuts. If roasted is not available, i take less salty nuts. I love steamed/boiled chick peas.
  • I drink a glass of low-fat milk as my last meal of the day. If low-fat milk is not available, i just take water.
  • I take loads and loads of water. More than the usual 3 litres a day normal requirement for a person. Whenever, i have hunger pangs and i dont have either nuts or fruits near me, i just take water to kill the pangs. If it comes back, i take more water - sometimes until i feel bloated but it's okay. The body is intelligent enough to dispose it through your urinary tract and of course, extra trips to the restroom.
  • I am trying to include wholefoods in my diet but i find it's difficult to maintain the regime due to the price of the food. Generally, wholefoods in Malaysia are still very expensive and not many people can afford to lead such a life. It is also not easy to find the food in the supermarkets, normally they'l provide a small section only for wholefoods. However, if you want to see results, wholefoods is one of the best options. Cook it according to you liking and not only it helps in weight loss but it's good for your health.

Well, well.... so much for the ramblings - yesterday, a couple of friends and i closed an eye and went for a good kari kepala ikan. IM Shazly needed companion for his carbo-leading session, so i obliged immediately. He's preparing for the Malakoff Charity Ride, thus, no harm for him to eat a lil bit more.

We had two of these, red snapper head - hot from the pot. Major protein intake. No rice for me.
IM Shazly and cyclist Chomel had these spicy, heaven on earth deep fried chicken. I had to pass this even though i was salivating over it.

We come here at least once a month for our protein lunch. Haha...


Tey said...

wah...Upiq can tahan...mental strong..I mean for the nice food..hehe

Anonymous said...

Yelah, how can you tahan that, right in front of you????

keat said...

yong...tengok...dia pi ngan member lain...dia dah lupakan yang 'di dedicatedkan' tu..apatah lagi faiq dan lu...kan? boring..benci.

Yong said...

Itu le Keat. Sedangkan I & Faiq pon dilupakan, inikan pulak you. Kita bersabar je lar ye...

Upiq said...

Tey : It takes a while before i can deflect the cravings. Mmg susah.

Haza : Hati mau kuat. Now, i dont feel anything anymore even with peer pressure, however, sometimes i fell for it on my cheat day.

Keat : eeeshhh... ko dah pakat ngan Yong, ek?

Yong : Sib baek ader bini yg byk bersabar. Amin.

Stupe said...

i get down on my knees for that fish head curry at happy garden man! :D